A chance at 48-72 hours outdoors in Nov?

andyandy(6bMI)November 8, 2012

The weather man may have been optimistic this morning but he is saying sunny and 64 saturday, Sunny and 65 Sunday. only dropping into the low 50s saturday night. That would mean I could take everything out for a couple of days and in the right spot the microclimate temps could be in the mid 70s. If that forcast holds i will take them out. i try to get everything out whenever possible to they can be cleaned off. plants get a lot of dust on them when indoors for months at a time. i may even watch the fottball games Saturday on my deck. Bring it on! the last couple day warm up we had I got a new spear to pop out of one of my bottle palms.

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this post vanished on me so I made a new one, did not make two similar posts on purpose

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Why bother drag them in and out at this point in the season. If they're tucked in for the winter, I'd just keep them there.

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it's worked for me for years. I can give them a good bath which helps with potential mites or scale problems. I've even taken them out for a few hous in the middle of winther if we've gotten some rain and it's hit 60.

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Definitely a good plan for the plants if you can pull it off.

I live upstairs so not realistic here....

Last year or the year before,we had a week of 70s/50s at night.

Great weather,windows open at night and all...usually cools
down or gets quite cold after that kind of warmth but even
normal temps feel cold after that.

I still have plants on the porch and a couple cactus in the
ground that will need to come out.....

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I also like to take my plants in and out when the weather warms up. I usually don't do it this time of the year unless there is a plant that is already having bug problems indoors. Usually I wait until a mild day in December or January to take a lot of plants outside, give them a good watering, leave them out the night, and bring them back in before it gets cold again. Even though it's not that warm out even on warm January days, the plants like to get some real sun every now and again!

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That's one of the benefits of having less potted tropical is that you can take them out on nice days. I have way too many potted plants to do that. Once they're in, the only ones I'll take out are usually the smaller ones or plants that don't do well indoors from dry furnace air like bananas. I think on last count I was close to 40 potted tropicals. But I will take my Musa Rojo, Siam Ruby, and Thai Giant EE out for this warm period.

I still have my hardier palms outside, sabals, windmills, butia, waggie, so they'll get to enjoy this weather, but will come in for good probably Monday before temps fall off.

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I took them all ou Friday night and brought back in last night.They got a good 48 house out, some cleansing rain Saturday morning and loads of wind yesterday. I'm guessing it will be awhile before they can go out again.

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Most of my stuff is inside, mostly because of Sandy and the Nor'easter. The little stuff came in, while the big stuff got tucked behind the shed or in the outdoor shower. They got a bit tattered in the wind, so I just cut them back for the season in preparation for coming inside for the season. We still haven't had a frost or freeze and is 70 today. I need to get them in today as I'm going away for over a week for Thanksgiving this weekend. And while there is no hint of frost or freeze in our 10 day forecast, it would be just my luck to have a hard freeze while I'm away with pots of hibiscus outside!

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