Rescue mission

jimhardyNovember 18, 2012

A few other pics-part of the rescue mission..........

Always trust your gut...when you know the potential is there for damaging cold.....

unfortunately this seems to happen every year(it will not happen again next year)forecasted

lows in the 27-28F range were inaccurate as when I looked at the temp at 4am it was 22F

I ran out on brought in the Bizzy,Jacaranda,Medio Picta Alba,potted T.rex,Martianus,Norfolk Island pine and threw

a box and another sheet on the Agave(2nd night),Cereus peruvianus-and the old man.

first pic

You can see some of the leaves of the variegated Americana started to melt.

About 7" of rain in Oct/Nov was not a help here.

Hopefully the CP will still look this cool next year-it grew 4' of new column this year

and this was not hardened also cracked from all the rain-not a good combo 22F and 7" rain.

The very edge of the rib was frozen-note to self- leave the blankets on instead of letting the sun unthaw this/any plant!

Notice the discoloration on the edge of the rib-be interesting to see if it can live WITH it.

Tops of the newer leaves on the Americana are discolored and will eventually turn brown.

This one obviously stayed out for the second night of 20F,it did have a canvas tarp over it for that....

glad I pulled the Var Americana

This guy looks o.k. but I think needs to be a tube!

PS that is not blood on the sheet(-:

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Good job. 22f? would have done them all in. You got an amazing system...nothing elaborite like techno heating and all that...but the right timing.
I've last felt temps in the 20's almost 25 years ago. I hope never again!

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what kind of cacti is that last pic. I have one about half that size I have had for about 10 years in a small pot and never have known what it was. 22F is not good it was 60 yesterday and the low was only about 40 last night

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This was a close one,the dead can't argue the terminology....(-;


Espostoa Lanata I lit it says hardy down to 25F for brief periods 0:

We are in a remarkable stretch of weather here,around 60F for almost a week
and temps rising into the mid 60s-70 around turkey day and dry.

All the palms and cactus remain out basking in full sun
-because all the trees are defoliated it is actually sunnier
longer now across the whole yard then it is in summer(-:


The Espostoa has put out a bunch of arms about a foot up the trunk-if they didn't freeze.

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