Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaJuly 26, 2014

My Kapalua is finally blooming .. It opened this morning after watching it for weeks!! The other Inflos ( 8 ) that appeared this winter all aborted.. Bummer!!

I waited patiently for these inflos to push and this one opened this morning.

My neighbors really think I'm nuts.. I had to get my ladder out to get this picture. Guess its worth the chance of standing on the top.. ;-)

Mahalo to all...

Laura .

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Laura, That is very beautiful, love the shape of the petals. Sorry you had to use a ladder to get the picture but well worth it. Just be careful that you don't fall. Barb

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what is the size of this bloom? Scent? Wonder if I still keep it on "wish list"? roxanne

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Barb took the words right out of my mouth! I don't want to get a call that your in traction in the hospital! Who am I kidding, I would be on the ladder myself! Love this flower Laura!


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Congratulations, Laura! I know you are ecstatic Kapalua finally bloomed for you! It's beautiful! :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Barb.. I have had the ladder set up for days to keep a watch on my inflo!!! Wouldn't you know it is right on the top of the tree? ;-). I couldn't get to it on the top deck due to the close placement of the adeniums and other trees, so I had to get the ladder out and place it on the bottom. I'll post a pic of the ladder for you. I was careful, but it did cross my mind on how i would explain it to people if I fell. Lol!!!

Hi Roxanne.. The flower size is about 2/12 to 3 inches.. Very fragrant and color does change a lot. I'll,post a pic from last years bloom so you can see the difference.. I'll also post what Diana notes say about the colors too for you!!! Love this one..

Andrew.. " traction from plumeria pictures". Lol. I could see that on my chart at the hospital.. ;-). I was careful.. Thank you!!!

Mona.. Yes, I was and am still excited.. I climbed that ladder at least ten times in two days.. When it wasn't open I took pics.. Lol!! I was so excited.. This tree means a lot to me!! ;-). Aloha spirit lives...

Tree is upper deck , left hand corner..

Take care,


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Pic of Kapalua last year...

Some question the color changes.. They see certain pics on the web.. But it does have different colorations.. You can see the difference from last year .. Huge coloration change.. It will be interesting as the others open....

Notes for Diana's compilation on Kapalua.

Kapalua EP possibly other one, pink, from Angus. Great keeping quality and tropical fragrance. Large and heavy grower with excellent branching and
long bloom cycle. Large blooms, a large and tall growth habit and impressive fragrance. Super fast growth and huge leaves, the last one to drop leaves as well. The absolute best orange plumeria known to man. Great keeping quality and sweet floral fragrance. Many different colors through bloom cycle,attractive fragrance. Large branches, steady bloomer. Recommended. Hard to root. Cold hardy. Vigorous grower. Strong, sweet, perfumed and delicate.


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Laura, Your plants look beautiful. As I am looking at the ladder next to the fence I am thinking that you could have held on to it if you started to fall. But I would hate to read that you fell, so please be careful. Barb

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barb - I'm looking too, and it looks like the ladder is a good two feet away from the fence! Next time she should pull out one of the pots and at least put the step side of the ladder closer to the fence. That's scary!

Laura - my friend Rose just broke her leg, (beautiful pink cast!) though not from falling off a ladder. Point is, accidents happen. Please push your ladder closer to the fence and be safe! We all know you'll be up and down that ladder a lot.

I like the coloring from this year. Can't wait to see what it will look like next year... or in a couple of weeks as the inflo continues to develop. Just beautiful!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Ohhh Laura! What a beauty!! Yeah yeah yeah she bloomed!!

Good job getting the nice shot too! At least you only had to climb the ladder. I heard that Bud actually climbs his roof top! The silly things we do to get a glimpse of our babies huh?

As for scent, Kapulua has one of the strongest fragrance ever. Strong and sweet; I adore everything about it! Unfortunately, most of my buds fell off shortly after the plant arrived. BUT I think there might still be one or two tiny buds forming. Fingers crossed they will bloom for me soon.

Thank you for sharing Laura.

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