Yucca with white residue.

NicoleCampbellxxOctober 9, 2013

Is this what mealy bugs are?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Don't think so but can't say for certain at that distance. Any chance of a closer view?

And a question: Are they smooshable? If so, perhaps mealies.

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I ended up cutting my yucca at the trunk just under where the foliage started, I know your only supposed to prune them in the spring but it was pretty infested with mealy bugs. So I'm hoping it will grow back. Do you have any advice? I just re potted the rooted stump end.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what the point of posting.. if your inclination is to behead the thing before anyone can answer ...

crikey.. you could have probably washed the whole thing with a tissue and some soap ... and been done with it ...

newbies need patience .... try to slow down ... nothing kills a plant that fast ...

also ... for the future... no plant holds its leaves forever.. and often.. on stuff like yucca and palm.. the lowest.. OLDEST leaves.. start to look ratty.. and you simply snip them off.. and its usually those that attract the problems.. or LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE PROBLEMS .... and it continues to grow new leaves from the top ... unless of course.. you prune off the lowest leaves thru the beheading process ... lol ...

try not to love your plants to death.. had you waited even another week... the world wasnt going to end... the plants are supposed to help you unwind ... not get you so stressed out.. that you behead them ... sorry.. i cant help it ....

but then .. [it just goes on] .. lol ... if you can get rid of aggression this way ... do continue to behead your plants.. rather than co-workers..etc ... family.. in laws ....

i think i am done here.. probably was a few paragraphs ago .. i pray you have a sense of humor..


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