leaf loss issues

woohoomanOctober 21, 2012

Here's a few pics of some leaves at different stages of chlorosis or some other condition. I took pics at different levels of severity of unknown condition. They're kind of blurry(cell phone), but please let me know what you guys/gals think. I know I haven't been overwatering. TIA


1st pic -- blurry. But notice the spotty blotching of yellow --early stage of condition

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2nd pic

Still blurry(lol) but worsened condition. Right before leaf drop.

Btw, these are pepper plants.


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3rd pic

Even blurrier but this is what I'm left with-- A s*itload of leaf loss!

C'mon guys! Help me.

Or just plain end of the line for the season? I know it's cold where a lot of you are located, but it's still warm here. We just had a week of mid 90's! So, these guys should still be thriving.



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

cold is only one variable.. the strength of the sun.. as winter approaches is another ... as the sun gets weaker.. its hard to define why leaves start failing ... and it is not uncommon for it to be the oldest most lower ones ... you dont provide a pic of the plant as a whole ...

as well as you potting media becoming used up ... was it fresh this spring.. or are you using old media ...

i would be done with it for this season.. rather than spending money on 'trying' to save it.. this time of year ...


ps: is it right up against a white wall?? .. what direction is the wall facing ...

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The pics are from different plants. No -- it is not isolated to just the lower leaves. The 2 bottom pics are from plants that are in a raised plot where SOME of the plants are next to pink cinder block walls (that face north and west) so that's typical soil that I amend each growing season. The 1st pic is in an oak barrel with an organic mix of potting mix, peat, compost, and perlite that's about 5 years old and yes, I did have PEPPER plants in it last year.

I do have 3 other pepper plants in a 5-1-1 in the FRONT yard that don't exhibit this condition but they have a different set of issues (different story, different day).



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