Insect Attack on my Artichokes

thekrribNovember 4, 2012

Does anyone know what insect might be causing this on the stem of my artichokes? The insect is inside the stem and makes its way up the entire stem. When I opened a stem, to see if I could find the insect, I found that the insect had eaten out the stem and left channels within the stem (it looked kinda stringy), which leads me to think it is a larvae inside the stem that is making it's way to the top. I can not see any obvious point of entry for an egg or larvae but one stem did have a hole, about half the size of the 'bubble' protrusions (which are about thumb nail size) half way up the stem, which I'm guessing would be the exit hole. The insect is causing discolouration and death of the stems. Appreciate any help as I can find nothing on the internet or in the books, which makes me think that maybe this insect does not only target Artichoke.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

cut off the leaf.. slice it open.. and find out what is inside ... is there even a tunnel????


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Hi Ken, yeah, I did that and it was all stringy inside, due to little (numerous) tunnels being eaten out the whole way up the stem to the leaf base. Unfortunately, no insect could be seen and no exit hole. One of the leaves had a hole (as big as the lumps) about half way up.

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