very small white bug -- need help with ID

shireen(Baltimore, MD/7)November 15, 2011

Hi ... i've been growing some sedum indoors for succulent terrariums, and some of them are being destroyed by these tiny bugs that are the size of a period on this page. It's so small that at first, i thought it was a form of powdery mildew and sprayed with neem oil. Unfortunately they're back. This time, I took some close up photos with a macro lens.

Can anyone identify these insects?



Image link:

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shireen(Baltimore, MD/7)

never mind .... they're aphids. I didn't realize the white stuff was their molts. :(

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Good detective work!

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shireen(Baltimore, MD/7)

LOL! Thanks, Jean001a ... it always happens. I search and search and come up empty. Then, a few minutes after posting this plea for help, i find the darned thing.

I've got the affected succulents well-sprayed with neem oil. Then, i'll apply marathon to them, as well as other plants as a preventative measure.

Zero tolerance for bugs! :)


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