Poblano drooping

TonioJune 29, 2011

Finally found a Poblano starter that I transplanted on May 30. Currently it is 24" tall. It was doing great.until about a week ago the tops have drooped at dusk.

I have'nt checked as to when it perked back during the night, but is fine in the morning.

I'm assuming it may be a watering issue, as I probably did not amend the soil enough, or early enough. Added peat moss, mix and mulch (red dot), bone meal,gro power (5,3,1) and mulched with the mix & mulch. Also gave fish emulsion , liquid seaweed tonics at soil a few times

I am watering about quart every 2days by the finger test. Can post a few pics later

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Is it in a container?

Something to consider is that plants put on tender new growth that warms in the sun.
This flexible new growth can't hold itself up. Overnight, the stems become turgid with moisture,
firmer with the cooler temps, and sturdier as the stem tissues harden.

As long as the drooping isn't excessive, I'd assume the plant is just growing.


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I have a Poblano and it wilts more than most of the others in weather above 90. Sometimes I water it individually and it perks up even before the sun goes down, I think they are just very thirsty plants and they also have large leaves that sag more easily.


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If it is a container, then they will need more attention to watering when it is really hot outside. I have some peppers in 5 gallon buckets, and I have to water them 2-3 times a day when it is really hot out. The containers seem to dry out quickly. I always worry when my pepper plants droop, but that is just them telling you they are thirsty. Give them some water and within 30 minutes they should perk back up. Hopes this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Pepper Guy's Garden

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No, the Poblano is in the ground. Perhaps they are thirstier than other chiles.
I've watered say about 6PM a couple days ago, and didn't perk up even at 9 PM. But in the morning they were fine.
Not just the leaves are drooping, the stem is too.

Couldn't get a picture tonight, should be able t post something tomorrow night.

Thanks for replies. Good to see Chile enthusiasts !!

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Ill get a picture of mine in the sun today with wet soil and you can see what I mean.

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Odd thing is , they are perky from morning, until the fence shades the plant. Once it gets in the shade, thops flop over..

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click pictures to expand.

Temps only get mid 70's now, and its been June gloomy (typical S. CAL weather this month) low to mid 60's for about a week or so.

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None of the plants in those pictures look like anything to worry about to me. My Poblano droops significantly more than that in sunlight and it is growing like wildfire. As long as it perks up before the next time that it wilts you probably don't need to worry.


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My poblano plants are well established transplants just setting fruit now. While working in the garden in the afternoon as the sun goes down, all the poblanos start to droop like in the photos provided. It cools off pretty quickly here from High 80's or 90ish to low mid 60's in a hour or two. Perhaps the plants respond to that rapid change? They are right along side Jalapenos, Hungarian wax and several types of bells that don't show any symptoms. The poblano plants look pretty good otherwise.

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That sounds reassuring ;)

Hopefully the flowers will be pollinated and set fruit. That'll leave me more time for tending to the maters !

Thanks Phil & rustico

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Mine seem to do that as well. I haven't paid close enough attention to know when they stand tall and when they droop, but, it hasn't alarmed me. Just caught my attention enough to make note of it.

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You have absolutely nothing to worry about! Just keep on doing what you were doing, don't change anything! Healthy growing pepper plants often do this as it gets dark, I'm not sure the physiological significance, but it is normal and nothing to be concerned about.

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