What is the fastest germinating pinnate palm palm tree?

mcgyvr2009i(Schenectady, NY 5b)November 14, 2012

Hi. I am looking for the fastest germinating palm seed in which the palm has pinnate shaped fronds. I talked to Banana Joe on youtube about the fastest palm seed he has ever germinated and that came back as Washingtonia Robusta, which is a fan palm. Now I'm looking for the fastest germinating pinnate palm seeds. So if there is one, I'll be very grateful. Thanks in advanced.

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

It all depends on the freshness of the seed. All palm seeds have the ability to germinate rather quickly if they are fresh and viable. In my experience ive had Phoenix, Veitchia, Adonidia, and beccariophoenix all germinate within days of soaking. freshness is key.


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Dates. Go to your local grocery and get some medjool dates with seeds in them. Eat the dates (nature's candy) and get all the fruit off. Wash and dry them for a few days. Soak in warm water for 24 hours (change regularly). Place in moist vermiculite in a sealed plastic food container and place in a warm place (I use my hot water heater closet). Mine sprouted in less than two weeks. I was so surprised.

Then gently place them in a pot with soil and cover. Instant, inexpensive palms.

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I've found Carpentarias to germinate quite quickly, although some still come up later on. Not sure if that's inherent in the seeds or just a micro difference in their conditions. Calamus is one that surprised me with its speed. But I'd also suspect that freshness has a lot to do with it.

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well Ive got some in my prop that are going on a little over a month with nothing... they all sank when soaked but I doubt they were very fresh 2 differant types and not a strap leaf to show

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Some can take a year or two to germinate. It pays to check this out before you start holding you breath while you wait, LOL.

My Calamus (got both australis and moti, but mixed them) is up to the first split leaf after 4 to 5 weeks. Ptychosperma elegans I put in at the same time is showing nothing, except one which looks like a shoot is just emerging from the seed. Then some Nypa fruticans and Attalea amygdalina just look like inert lumps of wood. The trouble with those long term ones is you can wait forever and still not be sure whether you should throw them or not.

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Rate of growth is one factor to consider but also consider how robust the plant is--especially growing OUT of their natural hardiness zone in the North. Don't have too much experience with palms from seeds other than with Washys and Date palms. Have had great success with Canary from seed--less so with the "True Date". You might want to try Butias from seed. They are fast grower, cheap, common, cold-hardy and vigorous! Also, keep in mind the importance of providing tropical heat to hasten germination--it makes all the difference in the world even fir the more cold hardies.

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