Turtle Man

Pallida(Zone 7b)December 5, 2011

Have any of you stumbled onto the "Turtle Man" on Animal Planet? I just, recently, did, as I watch this channel quite a bit. He's this corny, hokey Red Neck ( probably, incredibly rich) who rescues unwanted "critters" out of people's basements, attics, houses, barns, ponds, etc. and then relocates them to a friendly, natural environment to live out normal, healthy lives. The fact that he is a "hoot" to watch and loves animals, ALL animals has me hooked as a regular viewer......


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I saw him too. He is entertaining that's for sure. He does good for the animals. Billy the exterminator is entertaining too, but they get paid to do what they do, Turtleman gets a few bucks or does it for free.

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Pallida(Zone 7b)

Wow! He removes those rattlers, snapping turtles and skunks for free? Mercy! Surely, Animal Planet pays him a hefty salary for being allowed to film his "rescues"! I needed his services last Summer when (I think) rabid baby raccoon parked himself on my deck railing and would rare up and hiss at me when I tried to go out the door. I felt sorry for it, but it was, obviously, sick, and I was going to have to call the police to remove him, but he was gone by morning..........


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I would imagine he gets paid well for what he does and letting them film it. But they show after each job what the fee is and it will say Homemade pie or something like that.

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