last 48 hours outdoor in 2012 with pics

andyandy(6bMI)November 12, 2012

Probably, taken out Friday night brought in Sunday night. 65 Saturday 69 yesterday. In the spot you see in the picture that really means 75 and 79. Some rain Saturday morning and wind yesterday so any dust will have been cleaned off. the last day prior to this when they were out the landscapers came by blowing the leaves so a lot of dirt and dust ended up on all of my palms but they are nice and clean now.

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The plants look great! Glad that they got one last bit of sun before winter! Maybe if this winter is nice they will get a chance to take a break from being indoors before spring!

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I hope so, it's been a radical change here. It was 29 when I lefto for work this morning. At this point I'll just settle for sunny days so they can get full sun even indoors.


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Palms are looking good. Only a high of 40 forecast for today, so everything but 2 larger windmills and a waggie were brought in this past weekend. Can I ask why you don't have a washy? I remember you used to have one in A huge pot.

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The washy got too big to bring back in so i had to let it go. They just grow so fast and are much heavier then more tropical palms. I did start a filifera a couple of years ago but it blew over in the wind (which was a 10 foot drop to the ground) a couple of months ago and seems to be struggling.

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