What's wrong with this Mexican fan palm?

utnvpaNovember 7, 2012

I have a Mexican fan palm that has been planted in my yard for just under five years. It has thrived, but at the moment is having a "bad hair day," as shown in the attached pictures. I've researched possible causes and magnesium deficiency is the only possibility I've found. I recently treated it with a palm fertilizer with 10% magnesium and some Superthrive, but it hasn't had time to make any difference yet. See the attached pictures -- does anyone have any other ideas?

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Have you had any cold weather? maybe some damp cold weather?

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

I dont think its a Magnesium deficiency. That usually shows signs of yellowing and doesn't effect the perkiness of the fronds.

Im guessing something is wrong with the growing point, bud rot maybe?


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Perhaps the crown is being watered to often...similar effects-
cold damage?

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It's 85 today, and I think the coldest it's been this fall is around 45. This palm has been through sub-freezing weather numerous times in years past.

We had a couple of desert downpours with flooding in the last six weeks, but it is sited near a block retaining wall on one side with lawn on the other with a great drainage system, and it gets no water spray from any irrigation source.

It has maybe four 1/2 GPH drippers watering it, though when I returned for the winter the idiot landscapers had it dripping for 50 min 5 days a week, which is a lot of water. I cut it way back about a month ago -- normal for this time of year is about an hour a week, though I'm a bit higher this year because of the unusually warm weather (40 min x 2/week). Excess water appears to be the most likely cause. It no doubt has it's "toes in the water" under the lawn now and I suppose I could shut down both the drippers on that side.

The frond that has just opened (right of the center point in the photo) DOES have yellowing in a band on it (see attached), which is what made me wonder about magnesium.

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My first inclination looking at the picture was root damage. Sounds like root rot is the culprit. Too much water thanks to the landscapers.

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Washingtonias are generally desert palms are they not? I don't think they really need watering at all.

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Here where we get about four inches of rain a year, believe me, everything except for a very few native plants needs some watering to survive! (Mesquite, Nevada).

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stevea07(7 AL)

Magnesium deficiency always affects oldest fronds first, never the youngest ones. For Washingtonia palms, this would be orange leaf tips on the lower fronds. That tree looks like a victim of phytophthora root rot to me.

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Thanks everyone for the opinions. I dug around the root ball at the surface & the roots look healthy there. I've shut down the drippers & will withhold water for quite a while & see what that does. To add to the excitement, it's supposed to be a low of 26 to 32 degrees tonight! Not much else I can do but hope now!

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Did the yellow leaf pop out fast or just recently open?

May have been stuck closed....

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Yes. They all appear to be "stuck" and having a hard time opening. That one opened when the wind blew and forced it open. The others following it look the same way and appear to still be stuck. I wonder what causes that?

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