gas miser not a Volt

inkognitoMay 17, 2012

As if to prove hybrid cars are not just for granola bars Porsche has one that can max at 210 mph and get 98 mpg. Strange priorities though don't you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: 918 Spyder

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So a Tesla's out of the quesiton for ya? Y'all do know making electric batteries is a very UN-green process, right?

Here is a link that might be useful: Tesla's Roadster

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So glad for the Subways! Every Month Bloomberg Makes it more & more difficult for cars to move around the City. Brodway Below Houston 1 Bus lane 1 Bike lane 1 lane for Cars for all intents & purposes.
Do we have to fight wars for making batteries?
How much poitical clout do battery makers have internationally speaking?

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Almost clairvoyant Joe 'tis a wonderment. There are trains that go faster than this Porsche and more safely too. You can catch a train from London to Paris in less time than it takes to get through the airport. I think the US still has those steam engines with the cattle shifter on the front don't you?

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Better than nothing, I'd say. Fossil oil is way too precious for to blow it through exhausts, to begin with.

Individual traffic only is a problem if/when it's the only kind that gets priority. The infrastructure in the US has been neglected for decades (if not outright sabotaged).

So any kind of fuel efficency is bad news for big oil.

[Now wait for the battery and/or subsidy lie coming up. Again.]

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"So any kind of fuel efficency is bad news for big oil."

I think that is simplistic thinking at work. The oil producers know better than anyone that we are past peak production. On average, they will make wondrous profits on their products, regardless of what technology is trotted out. Not to mention that they know very well that improved technology is the only way we have to go, so undoubtedly they own big pieces of it.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

Big oil diversified while you all weren't looking.

They will regulate battery performance until they have extracted every dollar of profit from oil

In the future, oil will be dedicated to war machines only. Can't imagine flying an A-10 Thunderbolt powered by a battery.

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david52 Zone 6

I just want the good old days of the Bush Administration with the huge tax write off for small businesses who bought huge SUV's - eg "light trucks".

It was pretty funny watching all the private attorney's in town park these whales at the court house.

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