Bald Cypress leaves or needles

WildflowergmaNovember 18, 2013

Has anyone used Bald Cypress leaves or needles for mulch? If so, do you know if it stains house foundations, etc?

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I don't see why Bald Cypress needles wouldn't be ideal mulch, s the bad karma of killing a tree for bark and wood mulch. Bald Cypress acidifies and provides humus to the soil.
For best results, trees and gardens should be planted away from eaves and foundations.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i am surprised you dint think to ask this question.. in the conifer forum ...

you could never put enough needles on to change pH in your lifetime ...

they will be gone before the next summer... not much of a mulch in my estimate ..


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Bald Cypress, "Taxodium distichum" leaves would be a good additions to soil, as would any most other form of vegetative waste. There are very persistent myths about that adding tree leaves to soil will cause that soil to become acidic while good research say that is not true. Studies done at the UCONN Agricultural Research Station in New Haven, Conn showed there was no significant change in soil pH after several years of adding Oak leaves and Pine needles to the soil.
Since Oak, Maple, Beech, Chestnut, and many other leaves will leave stains on concrete I would suspect that Bald Cypress would as well.

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