Ice Storm Warning for NE OK

Okiedawn OK Zone 7December 20, 2013

We've all known for a couple of days or more than NW OK was going to have some wintery precipitation late this week.. For other areas it has been more of a watch-and-see-what-develops type situation.

Well for NE OK, it looks like ice may develop. If you live in that area, I hope you are prepared.

About 90 minutes ago, NWS-Tulsa issued an Ice Storm Warning that includes a significant number of counties in northeastern OK. This replaces the earlier Winter Storm Watch. I've linked the text of it below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Text of Ice Storm Warning from NWS-Tulsa

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We're already frozen in Payne Co. Just need some type of precipitation. Ugh

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We have had very light rain for about an hour and a half, and our temp is somewhere between 29 and 32 depending on which convenience store...oh no....which station you watch.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Most of y'all stand a better chance of getting something frozen than we do, but even we have an Ice Storm Warning as far south as we are. I was expecting it. From the moment they first said we'd stay above freezing (this morning our forecast low for tonight still was showing 37 degrees) and would have only rain, I said "Uh oh. We're gonna freeze and get freezing rain and sleet." Lately it seems like we get the opposite of what the models show for us, so I was prepared for ice. : )

After our temperature dropped to 34 or 35 degrees, they then lowered our forecast low to 35. Currently we are sitting here at 31 degrees (and I haven't even looked to see if they lowered the forecast low again to keep up with the plunging actual air temps) and a light rain/fog/mist that is not yet freezing. It is possible we have a warm layer of air aloft a few thousand feet that is preventing our moisture from falling frozen. I'm not complaining if that is the case.

I've been following the radar, storm chaser reports and Live Wire reports and all I can say is that I hope none of y'all have to travel over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house the next couple of days because it is likely to be icy or snowy or both.

If December's weather is an indication of what winter will bring, then I think January and February are likely to be horrible.

Carol, Even my thermometers cannot agree with one another and they all are mounted outdoors in the shade (were the sun shining) at the same height. Two show 32 degrees and three show 31 degrees. They are located at different locations on our property though. Burneyville has remained about 1 degree colder than us most of the day, but they are further north. Tim is in Dallas but not planning to stay there tonight unless our weather here deteriorates quickly.


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