Thank You To All Of My Friends In California!!

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaJuly 14, 2014

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the wonderful most gracious people that Peg and I met while visiting in California!!!

These days were filled with so many special moments from the wonderful get together at Roxanne's house. Her kindness will always touch my heart!! We truly loved seeing everyone at your home and loved meeting your friends!!!you truly out did yourself with the boat ride . The food was delicious but the best part was the kindness of your guest who made us feel so special
Words cannot describe how much it means to me. XO

We enjoyed having George take us on our awesome trip to Jungle Jacks and learning how to pack a car full of Plumeria!! Lol.... Thank you for everything!!!

Bill and his beautiful wife Sherry were the most gracious host to take us on a boat ride and we also had the pleasure of Bud joining us for the tour of the harbor as well as for dinner. He truly is a wonderful friend...
I can't thank you enough, Bill for all that you do!!!
You guys are the best and I'm truly touched Mahalo, my friends....

James. You are so kind to think of us.. I can't thank you enough. I hope to see you next time when I visit California!! ;-). You are always so thoughtful and I want you to know how much I appreciate you!!! I will treasure ...

To all of the other friends that I meet at the SCPS meeting today... It was a pleasure to see so many friendly faces. We really enjoyed seeing Tex and his lovely wife, Kay speak at the meeting. Lots of wonderful information and plenty of beautiful blooms...

I always love visiting California and I was pleased to have Peggy with me to share all of the kindness that Southern California has to offer. We truly had a wonderful time together!! great memories that will last forever.

This will be a trip that I will never forget.. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making us feel so special... California is truly an awesome place and I will always come back to see my friends...




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Sounds like yall had an amazing and wonderful time! Its great to have good friends all over! Glad yall had a great trip.

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Knew you'd enjoy your time!!! Everyone sounds like they're just simply awesome people!!! Glad you enjoyed your time and everyone included made you feel welcome and special!!! Happy to hear you all enjoyed it!!
Always great to have great people in our lives!


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It sounds like you had a blast! A trip revolving around plumeria...contrary to what our significant others may say, it doesn't get much better than that! :-) Glad you had a wonderful time in Cali!

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tikitropic(10b SoCal)

Laura... I think you may have been sitting behind me at the SCPS meeting. Were you wearing a black outfit?


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Hard to add to what Laura has posted.
Everyone was so gracious and friendly.
You all went out of your way to see we enjoyed ourselves and kept us busy.
I can't thank you enough!

Roxanne - you opening up your home, feeding us a feast,inviting friends over to talk plumerias,and showing us your blooms and every house on the water that had them.
Doesn't get much better than that!

Bill - Thank you so much. Your plants are phenomenal and psycho in person is astonishing! A sight to behold! Taking us over to Bud's for yet another yard tour of unbelievable trees as they are meant to grow! For our enjoyment a boat tour and delightful evening of good eats and "Great" talk. Through Laura, I felt I already knew you all as she talks so highly of you, Sherry and Bud. I day I will never forget.

James - I wish we had a chance to meet you while we were there. Your thinking of us will be a cherished memory.

George - Seeing we always had something to do! Planing JJ's open house down to the last detail, including a personal shopper and guard. Always helping find the best and keeping them safe from others thinking we had the best too. Thank you Allison/DH you were amazing!

The SCPS meeting was great! I didn't get around as much as I would have liked but by Sunday was happy to sit and people watch. Great presentation by Tex on seeds/seedlings. Pretty bad when you go to Cali from meet someone from FL.

It went by so fast and everyone treated us as special guests yet felt right at home. To all who opened their collections up to us to enjoy, a profound thank you! I found it over whelming! So many people to talk to face to face. It was wonderful! Unbelievable to have shared this trip with Laura!
It was a once in a life time trip for me!
Thank you all again for all your generosity. You took care of us on every turn.

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OMG are so welcome and appreciated! So fun and here is till the next time....cheers! roxanne

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You're so welcome. You two are the best, and I had a blast welcoming you to Southern California.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Always great to see you and share time with you. When we took Bud G. home he gushed about how much fun he had and what a delight it was to share time again with you. Say Hi to Brad as we missed seeing him this time. Come again. Bill

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Okay, I think we need to make this an annual then? roxanne

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Just have a minute. I'll be back later to address each post .

Tiki ... I think I was sitting behind you. Was I the one who kept coughing. lol. Kidding , but true... I was wearing black !!

Here is a pic from JJ's. You might see that it was me. Wish I had known it was you!!! :-)


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and Laura, tell us how hot it was in that green house during the July Fry? roxanne

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You know that song "Hot Hot Hot" says it all!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Texas.. We really had a wonderful time and I always look forward to heading back to Southern California . The great friends that i just made are priceless, but the ones that I already have there are treasures!! Never to be replaced...

The pure beauty will bring anyone home... I love it there!! ;-)

Chuy.. You are so lucky to live so close to Costa . A beautiful, place with wonderful friends.. So lucky!! We had a trip to always remember ....truly a trip to remember. I would have loved to have met you !

Totally agree with you Peg, it was a tip to remember. Always!!! I'm so glad to have been able to share it with you!! ;-). Makes me happy inside to share the awesome people and for you to see how warm hearted , lovely people they are...

Roxanne... You are a shining light... We will always have awesome memories because of you. A new and wonderful friendship between us as well as with some of your guest. Truly a gift from above!!! Mahalo!!!

George. Thank you for taking good care of us at the open house. You truly went above and beyond . Thank you so much for all that you did for us.. We really appreciate everything!!! You are the best as well!!!

Thank you Bill.. You truly made us feel warm and welcome and I appreciate all that you did for us. I know Bud wasn't feeling up to par, but he was a trooper to go out with us on the boat ride as well as to dinner. I keep thinking about those " fish and chips". They truly were the best that I have ever had!!! I'm glad we listened to you... Great selection for dinner...

Hearing what you said about what Bud said on the ride home means more to me than anything. He is a very special gentleman and I cherish our friendship. There isn't anything that is more important to me than to have the respect from a gentleman like Bud. Truly , he is one of a kind. You made my day to read this... I am so touched... Thank you!!!

Tell sherry that I have some Texas Stars that I will send to her!! No worries about seeds, so the " hot" plants already have the questionable leaves... Just what you need in your yard ! LMAO!!!!! HA!!!!

You are a very special friend as well. . You and sherry are the best and I always enjoy your company. Brad sends his best and says " hello " to you all.. Maybe next time he will head out with me! Maybe he can go down to the pier while I do the Plumeria thing!!! ;-). I will always enjoy heading out to California.!!!

James.. Again.. Thinking of you and wanted to let you know everything Is potted up. Mahalo... You are so kind and I thank you for all that you do !

Jen... I showed the picture that you sent to me on my cell to show Bud at dinner. He loved it!!!
He loved the colors and was proud to know it was growing well in Texas! ;-)

Doug.. Was that me sitting behind you?? Were you the one who was winning all of those raffles?.. Lol!!! Next time ....

Roxanne.. An annual get together would be so much fun!!! Love it!! ;-)
That greenhouse was like an oven... Lol

You had to get outside and take a break, but them you see something else on the opposite area and you crisscross over to another greenhouse. Lol

Talking hot? OMG. Johns little boys selling drinks and hotdogs almost sold me the ice container so I could put it on my head... That's hot!!! Lol!!

A wonderful time with awesome friends.. Mahalo!!!

This was better than any gift or plants.... Just to be with you all was more than anything I could wish for... Simply the best!!!


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Laura, thanks for the report on your trip! Sounds like you and Peg had a wonderful experience, one to remember for all time!

Thanks for showing the pics to Bud; I wanted him to know that his discoveries are enjoyed everywhere, and much appreciated!

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Andrew Scott

Sounds like this was an amazing trip. I am going to have to do this with you gals sometime soon! It would truly be amazing to get to meet everyone in person!


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Andrew Scott

Sounds like this was an amazing trip. I am going to have to do this with you gals sometime soon! It would truly be amazing to get to meet everyone in person!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


He did love seeing the picture, I enlarged. It so he could really see the beautiful coloration... He then said.. " I guess I shouldn't have registered it.. It is that beautiful, then smiled... ". He loved it!!! Especially knowing it is in Texas!!! We had a great time... Wished you were there to enjoy it with us! I hope you had a great vacation too!! Next time?

Hi Andrew!

It was a wonderful trip with awesome friends... Always fun to get together with plumeria addicts!! You would have a great time!! Just the thought makes me smile... Truly would be so much fun...

Take care everyone!!!


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