Nancy FryhoverDecember 17, 2012

not sure how to do multiple pics

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Nancy Fryhover


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Love the photos! I bet you're so happy to be back home for the winter.

What is that wet stuff that looks like rain puddles and mud? I haven't seen either in so long that I am not sure if I am identifying them correctly.

It is going to be so disappointing to open the back door and walk outside into our brown world after seeing your lush, green yard. Looking at your photos makes me wish spring was just around the corner here, although it really isn't even close. It is beginning to look like Christmas in Oklahoma will be a little cool or cold, and maybe snowy for some folks.


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I think we're seeing a mirage.......you know, like what we see on the highways when it's really hot?????

Love those tropicals!


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Nancy Fryhover

Its so weird...it rains way too much here and I wish I could send it to Oklahoma....

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