chili peppers-what's eating you?

marricgardensJune 28, 2012

This year I decided to grow hot chili peppers as well as the usual Gypsy Hybrid. Something is eating the chili peppers but not the GH. What kind of psycho bug would eat hot peppers and leave the others alone? We have earwigs bad this year, do you think they might be eating them? Marg

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Can we get a pic, many things eat them so a pic helps narrow it down.

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As habjolokia said; many things eat them but since you're in Z5a Ontario, I'd bet dollars to Dorset Nagas that your culprit is earwigs.

I've had them bad the past few years but this year they seem to have developed a collective intelligence! In the past they pretty much spread out and launched weak attacks on all plants and were relatively easy to get under control before major damage was done. This year it seems they randomly tactically select one or two plants and launch major overnight attacks.

If you want to avoid toxic chemicals to get them under control Canadian Tire (and others) carry a couple of diatomaceous soil products by Chemfree. Not only is it very effective at at keeping them at bay but it has the added benefit of ensuring a nasty drawn out death if they crawl through it ;-)) The only drawback is it needs to be reapplied after each rain.

Earwig Killer

Crawling Insect Killer

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Interesting! I have earwigs as well and suspect they were the ones responsible for holes in some of my peppers last year. It wasn't bad enough to spring into action, but close.

So, you just sprinkle it on the ground around the plants?

OMRI cert - I guess it's safe for the garden (I try to stay organic in the garden - not so much in the pots).

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tsheets, yes, sprinkle around and even on the plant itself if there is no fruit. Last year they were punching holes in fruit and setting up earwig condos. I would take care of those peppers by torching them.

It's primarily diatomaceous soil but not the variety that's safe for consumption. Health food stores sell the eatable stuff. The CDN Tire stuff has other stuff like powdered milk to help with moisture and spread ability I guess?

It's organic. It's made by crushing fossilized diatom rock. The link below sums it up well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wikipedia

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Cool, thanks!

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Thanks! I suspected those critters when the tops of the plants were being eaten. So far they haven't touched the peppers themselves. We have DE here already so we'll do them up tonight. Marg

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