Black Czech Hot Pepper

koolguymikeJune 17, 2006

anyone grow this plant? this is my second year for it and i really love this plant. I have it bagged right now for seeds so no pics. What i wanted to know is why dont ppl like growing or at least talk about this great plant? it has purple veins in the leaves and stalk. purple flowers the size of a quarter. Starts growing slow but takes off after a while. they are heirlooms from what i understand. the peppers are very simaliar to jalapenoes in size heat and taste, from what i remember from last year. they go from dark puple/black to red.

this is such a beuatiful plant and cant understand nobody talks about it.

here is a link to a page (not mine) that has pics of the plant, flower and pepper(unripe).

look for the Czechoslovakian Black link and click it.


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Yes it is a good looking pepper plant. I bought one a few weeks ago and glad I planted it in the front of the raised flower bed, love those purple flowers on it.

Five more pepper plant were bought today, if all of my seedings make it that makes 45 varieties (three last year). Going to try to overwinter as many as I can. I am thinking... the raised flower bed might be a raised pepper bed this time next year.


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cmpman1974(Zone 6 MI)

I grew this variety last season. Thought it was a beautiful plant. However, I am guessing the reason for the lack of "publicity" is several chileheads don't speak highly of the taste. It was middle of the road for me. Many varieties I liked better though.


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the 'publicity' is probably it. and i seem to feel they were a lot like jalapenos. i felt that many chileheads don't seem to go for the jalapenos so figured that is why they are overlooked.

I am glad others feel this is a pretty plant. I hope to get the bag off mine soon so i can take some pics.


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I love Czech Black. The plant looks cool, but when the pods are ripe I think they are much redder and sweeter tasting than jalapeno. It's also very similar to Black Hungarian.

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I just looked at my Black Czech and I have several pods forming. Very soon it can come out from under the veil. I think I will end up with 20+ peppers for seeds. I saved seeds last year from only 2 peppers and have over 30 seeds so I should be chillin with seeds. Only wish my savina and peruvian white would smart'en up. The fatalii I bagged is droppin about 70% of flowers but am getting pods. Think I will have to play bee with them.


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Yes, Czech Black is a very pretty plant, makes beautiful garnet red peppers, tho they start deep purple to black.
But my reason for not growing them again this year i that they are mild. They would be good for improving the colr and fruity flavor of sauces, but they won't add much heat, unless of course that is your aim. Maybe next year.
Burn me up!
Maryanne in WMass

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