Selective herbicide usage

cherax(Syd NSW Aust)November 29, 2012

Hello All....
I have a perplexing problem with Erharta (introduced grass) absolutely invading a sea of predominately bromelliads and aside from using diluted Roundup G2 wonder whether any people have ideas relating to selective destruction of monocots whilst leaving dicots and broms alive. I know that roundup diluted can be safe (conducting dilution trials) just interested in others experiences.
All thoughts are welcome

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Selective herbicide use is easy.

Roundup kills monocots & dicots, thus is NOT selective.
Because you want to kill grass (monocots) among dicots, use an herbicide which only kills monocots.

But realize that bromeliads are monocots. So you could paint the herbicide onto the grass while avoiding the bromeliads.

Check the label to determine whether or not you need to dilute the herbicide for a paint-on application. For that purpose, it's often applied full strength.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i used roundup ... by using a chem proof rubber glove.. with a cotton glove on top ... and a bucket of round up ... and simply grabbed and bathed the grass in the garden ...

it was a bit tricky to start.. but once i learned how to get the excess out of the cotton glove.. it worked pretty well ... [basically i quit dunking the whole glove in the solution .. and dripping everywhere]

you are in a box that says you want to SPRAY ... there are other application procedures ...

this is one of those jobs.. where one is hoping there is an easy way to do it ... life in my garden.. usually dictates.. that there is no easy way ... and its all hard work ... or a long process ....

good luck ...


ps: the alternative would be to prep a new bed ... remove one or two of everything precious .. and then simply destroy the old bed ... and start over ... and sometimes with an invasive weed such as grass.. that ends up being the only real alternative ...

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Cherax, Fluazifop, the active ingredient in FusilladeIIî, takes grasses out of broad-leaf plants. I have used it successfully to take torpedo grass Panicum repens out of hedges.
The product is expensive but it has an extensive and comprehensive label.

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cherax(Syd NSW Aust)

Thanks ronalawn82
thats the info that I need to pursue
many thanks

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