Whats wrong with jalapeno plants?

clip3June 30, 2014

Hello im growing jelapeno plants everything been alright with the plants till now. Im growing them in pots. I dont khow whats wrong with them.
First problem is that some leaves curl down and when touched feels like they are too soft not like other healthy leaves.
Second problem is that some leaves starting to turn brown and some having yellow spots on the edge of the leaves.
They are now flowering and producting jalapenos, Im growing them in 2 galon pots, At the moment im using fertilizer for tomatoes NPK 06-10-32 fertilizing every second watering.
Some of the roots are growing outside the pot should i repot them? And maybe that can couse listed problems? Because i dont khow they are 1 year plant, or i can keep them for longer period?
I will upload photos soon.
Thank you for the help:)

Thats how some of the plants look right now.

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Some of the leaves starting to turn brown

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Leaves curling problem.

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Yellow spots, and not normal shape of the leaves.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

> "06-10-32" ?? Do you mean 60-10-32? If so you are way over-fertilizing. Stop for a while.

Soft droopy leaves like that are literally wilting - there is not enough internal water pressure to keep the leaf inflated. So you might think they are too dry at the root ? The answer is "usually NO".

It is usually because there is too much water and many of the roots have drowned. Sometimes it is because the fertilizer had forced the plant to put out too many leaves for the roots.

Unfortunately we can't tell much from the pictures you have posted. Please take another picture of the whole setup so we can see the size of the plants and the pots. And also tell us about how and when you water them. With that information we can help.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Probably a root issue, compounded by the fact they are growing indoors (which is why they look so sparse, weak, and delicate).


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Dennis, i ment 6 not 60, now using this fertilizer, before i used other fertilizer with higher amount of nitrogen when just plants was growing.
As i noticed leaves began to curl not all just couple leaves after plants started to bloom. As for watering its depends from weather conditions, plants can be watered twice a week or once a week, im always checking soil if it requires watering or not.
Josh roots are half centimeter or less filled out of pot drainage holes.

here how all the plants look already harvested some jalapenos :)

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Overall they look surprisingly good for conditions.

Those pots are minimal size for the plants, but since you're growing indoors and need to limit size, I'd say that they are okay. Consider some judicious pruning up top to keep the plants relatively small. Also consider moving one or two plants somewhere else (like outside) because these guys are quite crowded.

6-10-32 is a rather bizarre ratio for normal growth. I recommend that you stop fertilizing for a while, then switch to a light dose of 3-1-2 (or some multiple) which is much closer to what the plant actually uses. (Leaf curl is rarely an issue with jalapeno - certainly not enough to change your fert ratio.) With your current fert ratio, it is possible that your "wilt" issue is due to a chemical imbalance. (I don't know enough to say much more than that.)

If the plants are indoors, why would watering depend on the weather conditions?

How do you judge when they need water? If you have some bamboo skewers or popsicle sticks, insert into pots and leave them there. Pull out to see if they are still wet. Makes a very effective watering gauge.


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Dennis, watering depends is it sunny or rainy day, dry or moist air, i usually put finger into the soil to see if the upper 1 - 2 cm is moist or not if the soil is dry then it also depends how many days plants havent been watered. Now i will use bamboo sticks as you reccomened. Thanks :)
As for fertilizer is it ok if i will use the same 6-10-32 and i will reduce mixing dose for about 3-5 times it will work?:) as 3-1-2?
Till now no further damage leaf curl or brown leafs havent made to the plants, actually some leaves that been not affected hard cured them selfs some how. Jalapenos taste good, and also they are spicy enoutgh for me.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

No. You're not understanding the meaning of the NPK ratio. 6-10-32 means 6 parts "N"itrogen, 10 parts "P"hosphorus, and 32 parts potassium (abbreviated as "K"), If you dilute it in the watering can, the ratio remains the same - you would just be decreasing the strength. In other words, if you're not giving the plants enough Nitrogen now, you would be giving them even less that way.

For contrast, Miracle Gro All Purpose (and similar brands) are 24-8-16 (a multiple of 3-1-2). That's a LOT more nitrogen than you have been feeding and the plants would thank you for it. (Stuff is cheap, too. Less than $5 a box.)

I wouldn't use 6-10-32 for peppers at all.


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