Winter Wonderland

elkwc(6b)December 9, 2011

We had light drizzle with a frost and fog. So everything is covered with ice and crystals. Pretty as long as you don't have to get out in it. The roads were a little slick when going to work. Then had to come back to town for a random drug test. It seems no one knows how to drive in slick conditions anymore. Most want to drive normal then hit their brakes and slide when they either need to stop or turn. I've had my festive post card moment for this year. Now ready for a warm up and spring!!!! Jay

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Festive postcard moments are wonderful as long as you are inside the house looking out at them.

I agree that few people drive well in slick conditions any more. It always amazes me how busy the law enforecement officers, firefighters, medics and tow truck drivers are on any day when we have ice or snow on the roadways. Apparently everyone thinks they can still drive 70 mph or faster on the interstate when it is a sheet of ice, and that tends to not work out so well. We haven't had icy roads here yet this winter, which is good.

I hope your winter wonderland has dried up on the roadways at least.


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My sister and I helped at a basketball tournament last evening. I got finished and after watching part of one game started home around 8 I believe. It was very foggy and getting wet again. But this morning was slick again. But the bright sun had things dry by ten. I was going to an auction but decided to work on a few things I need to get done. They are saying several warm days ahead. May be a cool down next weekend. And then a roller coaster the week before Christmas. Of course that is too far out to really know. I came up to the house to get some things and the plants in the lean too were needing a drink. They dry out just as fast when it is cold outside and I tend to not check the moisture as often when it is so cold on the outside. Better get back outside and try to finish a few things and plant a little more. Jay

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