epsome salts ???

alley_cat_gwJune 24, 2008

Hey Folks, First time for me growing vegs. I have 4 pepper plants growing in containers, so far they seem to be doing pretty good. I used epsom salt on my tomato plants with positive results. Is it advisable to use on pepper plants as well, or is that a no no ? Thanks AL

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You can use diluted in water any time on any vegetable you want each time you watering the plants, plants like it also your plants leafs will be dark green & very healthy. Use all the time.

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My pepper plants started to turn yellow and a elderly gentlman man told me they had a magnesium deficiency and to sprinkle epsom salt around the plants. Two days later my peppers were bright green and beautiful. So, no it won't hurt them.

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chillilover(Zone 6b)

Will the salt get into the peppers causing them to be salty or increase your daily salt intake?

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jimster(z7a MA)

The word "salt" has more than one meaning.

Salt as in "daily salt intake" refers to table salt, which is NaCl, sodium chloride.

Salt as in "epsom salts" is any chemical compound which results from the reaction between an acid and a base. Epsom salts are MgSO4, magnesium sulfate, which is not the same as sodium chloride.


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chillilover(Zone 6b)

I have some questions. How often? How much salt per gallon? And spray the leaves or feed the roots? Does it help to spray the inside of the flower to get better fruit set? I've heard tons of different answers.

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I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly, but so far I have been mixing a tablespoon of epsom salt with a gallon of warm water. I let it disolve for about 3-5 minutes and then spray down the leaves and everything. I don't spray the insides of the flowers for fear of washing away the pollen (not sure if that even matters) and then with the leftover I dumped it to the roots. So far it's been working great. I suppose maybe since the plant is way bigger now and in an 8 gallon pot I could get away with mixing even more to dump to the roots. So far I've been happy with the results I've been getting and I could never find in detail the info on "what's best to do", so I'm sticking with this method for now.

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planetsagainstus, you're doing just fine. The foliar feeding isn't necessary with healthy plants. They'll get all they need from a root feeding now. As long as the plants are getting plenty of rain to flush them, you can use that mix to water with each time you need to water them. They'll love you for it. Never spray inside the flowers. They're too delicate. The water should be just above cool. Not warm. If it feels warm to you, it means that it's warmer than your body. That's too hot for plants.

If you put your finger into a container of rain water during a storm, THAT'S the temp you want to go for.

Be careful to NOT over water.

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chillilover(Zone 6b)

Is it okay to get the diluted epsom salt on the peppers as you water? Because It says do not ingest on the box.

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jimster(z7a MA)

It says "do not ingest"? That's odd because epsom salts are used as a laxative.


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I have sandy loam and good drainage. Yet my soil tests for the last two years have shown an above optimum level of magnesium. The state University suggested I don't use dolomitic limestone to increase the pH because of the magnesium in it (calcitic limestone was recomended).

As high levels of magnesium can block calcium uptake, I don't see how putting Epsom Salt on without knowing what is in the soil is a good idea. Yet the Epsom Salt Industry Council says on its website to use it regularly and you can't overuse Epsom Salts. I've written to the Council but so far no reply.

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It says "do not ingest"? That's odd because epsom salts are used as a laxative.

You just made the point of why you shouldn't injest it...
Does Explosive Diarrhea mean anything to ya? LOL
I went out to water my plants,taste tested a pod or two... then I couldn't help it but had a sudden urge and fertilized them too...

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I'm a constant user of Dolomite Lime.
I mix a handfull in my potting mixes.
It's slow reacting and a lot of pepper plants like extra calcium when they fruit-especially habaneros from what I've read and seen with my plants.
I use Bone meal(root growth) and lime added to all my planting mixes and it really seems to help out my plants.
Both are slow release nutrients in that form.
I keep an eye on the PH of my pots and usually they want to go acid so I add lime before I water every so often.It takes a while to get results but it works for me.
I use Epsom salts but only once in a while.I think you only need it in small amounts.
I water my plants heavily and use faster soil mixes so I don't have much of a problem with salt buildup or overwatering this year so far.
All my plants are in containers.

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