Plumeria stenophylla seedling

karyn1(7a)July 31, 2012

This doesn't look much like the rubra seedlings I've grown. It's also a much slower grower. I started this one about 5 or 6 months ago. My rubras would be at least twice the height and much thicker stemmed, not to mention the needle like foliage. The mature tree I took the pod from had narrow leaves but they did look similar to a rubra. The pod was similar to a rubra but thinner and the seeds were a bit thinner with a shorter wing. I wonder how long this will take to look like a mature plant? I got the pod when I was in the Cayman Islands this past winter. The trees were at least 30' tall. Does anyone grow this variety?

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That's really interesting Karyn, I've never seen that variety! It's so different, very cool! What do the flowers look like?

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The blooms were very similar to a regular plumeria. The petals were a bit thinner and a little longer. These were from a white flowered tree. I don't know if stenophylla comes in any other colors or not. It wasn't that this was such a wonderful plumie. It's just that I was in the Cayman's and the pods were there. I collected a huge variety of seeds there. Like other tropical areas, many of their weeds are our nursery plants.

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

They also have an awesome scent!!! Keep us posted, I have always wanted one, but don't inow how well they grow compared to rubra and obtusa. Jennifer

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