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JoshuaWJune 25, 2012

Hi there,

I am growing some super hot chillies this year. I have never grown any super hot and it seems that they are alot harder to grow; the plants are not very tall. I have attatched a picture of them; I can't really see them cropping this year as the weather has been so poor in the UK. It is cold for the time of year and there hasn't been much sunshine.

I feed them with Chilli Focus plant food when they require watering. Two are Trinidad Butch T Scorpion and the other is a Naga Viper. I also purchased some Jolokia plug plants but they arrived very late and I don't think they will catch up this season.

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The supers are slow growing, they still don't look too small. Too bad with the weather though. I have 4 plants about that size late start two TS, 1 Bhut, 1 7pod. I will get a harvest about Aug/Sept. I am in zone 7 though. You may have to bring them in at the end of your season if necessary to finish ripening the fruit.

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more pics.....

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more pics...

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Can anyone give any advice on why the leaves are slightly yellowed and on the far left plant, the leaves are slightly split and brown?

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too much water. check your soil. mine are doing the same thing. have to be careful when watering.

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Although it looks like a nitrogen and/or magnesium deficiency, I'd say it's to much water as well. Your soil looks extremely fine grained. Might want to check out 5:1:1 soil mix from the container forum.

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I wouldn't worry too much about the slight yellowing. It is on older leaves only and the new leaves look deep green. Might have been something like a shortage of nitrogen but might just as well be that the leaves are just getting old -- take a close look at any garden plant and you will see old and dying leaves, as long as the overall health is good I wouldn't worry. As for the split and brown leaf, that is clearly some kind of physical damage -- could be a falling branch, wind damage, an animal, just about anything, but nothing to worry about.

Your real issue is that I agree with you that I don't think those have any chance of fruiting outside by the end of a UK summer, so you're going to have to figure out how to bring them inside and give them decent light when the weather turns cool, to let the fruit grow and ripen.

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