When To Pick Naga/Bhut Peppers??

aveo5June 20, 2010

Well that about says it all. When do you know its time to pick a ripe Naga Morricch, or Bhut Jolokia,? I have so many red peppers on several plants, I know they must be ripe, but how ripe is just right, or to ripe?? If such a thing exists? If I leave them on to long, will they 'go bad'? Most have been red for about a week now. The half red/green ones I know I have time to wait for them, but these red ones...is there a time limit? It seems like, once picked, they only last about 4-5 days, then get soft and start to rot. Is that normal for the Nagas or Bhuts? It seems VERY fast to go bad in such a short time. Is that normal, or should I refrigerate them?

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Peppers don't "ethylene ripen" like tomatoes when they're off the plant, but once the color starts to break (green-to-red in this case) they will continue to ripen off the plant.

Once you see a bit of red you can pick them and leave them for a few days to continue to ripen or you just pick them when red on the plant.

Once the pods are fully red they are ripe. They're just as good when partially or mostly red, imo, too.

If you pick them green you won't be able to throw them into a paper bag with apples/bananas/etc. and get them to go red, though.

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mister_al(zone 7)

I usually let my pods stay on the plant for 2-3 days after they turn red before I pick them.


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i agree with Mr AL

sometimes i leave them on a bit longer especially if i want to harvest them for seeds, they do taste better when they vine ripen just like tomatoes and other fruits and veggies

thanks joe

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you can always freeze them.

but yeah, wait til they are fully red in order to get them to be as hot as possible.

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