Every palm that is in the ground-z5 Iowa

jimhardyNovember 16, 2012

Forecast is for temps running 30-40F(night) 55-65F and dry the next ten days.

You just saw some of these but here is the complete list,Cordyline in there too deserves(after returning 4 years in a row) some acknowledgment.


I will try and keep the center alive this year-it already came close!

The Trachys

The 2 that I started with in November 2007,both along

with the smaller of the 2 Fortunei pulled in 2010 and were cut (nearly)to the ground and recovered.

Earliest picture-probably April 2007-the one in front had been dead for months.

What it looked like before it was chopped.

Chop suey


I cut a dozen leaves off this year cold/drought-

"If it one thing its another"


another T-cut T.Fortunei

Heres the Hayes "stiffie" that was planted with the big T.Fortunei,also trunk cut



This Tesan is 6 years old and has probably pulled

at least 6-10 times,combination of bug spray and cold.This will be the make or break year I suppose...I don't put anything past it though(happy)

Waggie 1

Waggie 2

Smaller lighter colored and slower T.Nainital-already pulled....small palms can have it rough.

Only looks green because it is still around freezing...

Bigger faster greener Nainital-bought as

Takil from Collector palms in 2008


T.Takil 1

This one has not pulled and has been covered in snow-also has seen single digits-toughest seedling I have seen.

T.Takil 2-spear pulled again in fall(this year and last)-just to much warmth before the cold hit.

It grew back 4 leaves this year=hope it is up for it again!

2 Needle palms 1 is a clumper

The Sabals

Sabal Louisiana

S.McCurtain a.k.a. Little Larrick


The coloration this time of year is spectacular-

wish I could capture more of it in these pics.

C.Cerifera 1

C.Cerifera 2

T.Princeps 1

T.princeps 2

B.Eriospatha-healthy recovery from "full pull"

last and not least

The Washy-he gets 2

Pretty sure that is it-next time they will be covered-

Would be cool to see the Washy make it to December

uncovered in Iowa!

I doubt it though!


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Everything looks great. Most of your palms grew big fast. Around this time of year only the plants permanently in the ground are alive.

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Jim, you need to get a circus tent. And cover your whole yard at once. Hopefully they grow out of their spear pulling stage and harden up for you. Hate to see you lose a T. Priceps or Takil.

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Thanks Dennis(it is Dennis right?)

This is a fun time of year,much more intimate setting with only the palms and cactus left!


The bigger palms are getting much tougher-

The Takil that pulled I will keep an eye on and protect from frost formation until full protected.

I do not plan on letting either Princeps see anything below
20f for at least a few months,if at all.(-:

Look at the size of the new leaf-I really don't want it to have to work back to that.

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well I am impressed once again. I honestly did not think half of those species would make it in ground in my zone 6B and you are doing it in zone 5. Im going to have to re read your threads on protection and I might just try a few new ones next year.

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