NWS Special Weather Statement--Christmas Snow

Okiedawn OK Zone 7December 18, 2012

Click on the link below to read the Special Weather Statement issued by the NWS this morning that discusses the possibility for some parts of our region to have snowfall around Christmas, possibly beginning on Christmas evening.

The anticipated snowstorm is still a week away and the forecast will be fine-tuned and updated many times between now and then, and certainly there is no guarantee snow will full, but this is our 'early warning' to be prepared to deal with cold weather and possibly snow while engaged in Christmas travel.

Please pay heed to their statement that some areas may experience white-out blizzard conditions and watch for updates on which areas will be hardest-hit. No one wants to get caught out in a blizzard on their way to or from Grandma's house.

So, everyone, are you dreaming of a white Christmas or hoping the snow will stay away?


Here is a link that might be useful: NWS-Norman-Special Weather Statement

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Thanks for posting this. It helps me to think ahead in animal care. My garden is kapoof for the year, so not really worried there.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

You're welcome. You know, in order for us to get snow, there's got to be some moisture swooping in from somewhere. I'd love to see us get any precipitation at all, but since we need moisture so bad, just watch it sweep right on past us and leave us as dry as ever. The potential storm is a week away and much could change between now and then.

My garden is mostly kaput now, though some of the plants that froze on the night that we went down to 12 degrees already are putting out new growth. I think they'll freeze often enough, including this week, to prevent that new growth from doing anything. We still have butterflies fluttering around, including Red Admirals, and I wish it would stay warm for them.

I'm carefully watching the fire weather and wind forecasts for tomorrow, and will post a reminder about them on their own thread in the morning. Seeing the words 'dust, extreme fire danger and high wind" pop up anywhere in our forecasts for anyone in this area is never a good thing. Tomorrow could get bad for anyone in the area where the fire danger is most extreme, which currently looks like it will be southwestern OK and western North Texas.

You know it is winter time when we have talk of potential snow, high winds, blowing dust and extreme fire danger. Of course, it gives us more to talk about in the garden's off-season.

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