Tiny grey flying insects in soil

Pixie987November 16, 2013

I have a lot of tiny grey flying insects on top of the soil in the corners of my raised beds. It looks like the soil is covered with grey crawling specks, with a cloud of flying insects up to a couple of cm above the soil. They are right in the corners of the bed, not near the plants themselves. They are attracting a lot of ants.

I thought they might be fungus gnats but from what I've read, fungus gnats are about 0.2 inches long - these are much smaller.

Does anyone have any idea what they could be?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if they are not affecting the plants ...

may i suggest that they dont need to be fixed ...

but dont get me wrong.. ID them is a great idea ...

but it is early spring for you.. isnt it.. why does this surprise you .. all the bugs are having their coming out parties.. lol ...


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Hi Ken

I think they might affecting the plants - even though they don't seem to be right near the plants, the two seedlings nearest to them have died. All of the other seedlings are healthy.

Yes it's early spring here - brand newbie gardener here, still learning the basics like bugs coming out to party in spring :)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

seedling death ... for a newbie??? ...

heck.. i still kill seedlings... lol .. and many.. die gratuitously ....

though bug related death is possible ... its just too far a jump in logic ... i would think soil issues ... god knows what.. drainage... damp off.. molds.. mildews .... sometimes i wonder if they just dont hate me.. and prefer suicide ... to living with me ... lol...

newbs tend to think bugs do a lot of damage ... well.. they can .. but its usually the 3rd or 4th guess at what went wrong ...

w/o a pic of the dead plant.. its hard to guess .. much further ...

but the lesson here ... unless you can SPECIFICALLY ID damage to a plant.. then a bug does NOT need to be killed .... [with the exception of those that insist on living in my house.. or biting/stinging ones that think my front door would be a fabulous spot for a nest ... those die upon discovery.. lol]

good day ...


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