Young Avocado Tree Leaves Turning Brown

darkwolfe5November 16, 2009

so I started this avocado pit at the beginning of the year, and has been growing like crazy since I put it into a pot, and I even had to transplant it into a bigger pot in late spring. But the past month or so suddenly a bunch of the leaves developed dark brown edges and have started shriveling. Then it finally started growing new leaves again and I figured they'd be fine...but alas, it seems that even the newest leaves are developing this dry brown edges that work across the leaf....and I think my neighbor's grasshopper is coming up for a few visits cuz some of the leaves have been eaten too.

Any ideas what is going on w/ my avocado tree? I've been so proud of it doing so well from a seed.

Here's a couple of pics. 2009-11-16 1

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

I suspect a root problem.

What I see in the pictures.
- It's pale & spindly; it needs much more light.
- I see ring-around-the-pot at the edge of the potting mix. When you water, does it drain freely out the bottom?

What sort of potting mix is it growing in?
Are you fertilizing? If so, with what, also the strength & the frequency?

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Take 2 on posting my response...since the original didnt post the week or so ago....

I'd love to get the tree more light, but I live in a small apt, and only have a VERY small entry balcony that I share w/ 1 neighbor and this time of year especially only gets like 6-8 hrs of direct sunlight

When I water, the water does drain, but has a tendency to sit for a few seconds on top before it all soaks in.

The potting mix is something generic my garden designer friend used when we re-potted it in the spring. I feel that it's time to re-pot it again since I've noticed the main root trying to grow out of the hole at the bottom of the pot, but I dont have any deeper pots to put it in. I have one that's wider, but not deeper.

Fertilizing? I'm just a poor student that's developed a sudden desire for growing things...this is a hobby going crazy and I dont really have money to get fertalizers. I hope to be starting a vermicompost bin soon so I might be able to get some worm tea in the future to use.

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