Heat Wave

Kathy89July 18, 2012

Could I have picked a worse time? I ordered from BBB late last week & my order shipped yesterday, in the middle of a heat wave here on the east coast.

Anyone have suggestions if rooted cuttings arrive STRESSED?

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Kathy id say water and shade is about the best you could do.

Check out our 7 day forecast. gonna be hot hot hot. The 70's look nice but thats usually right before sunrise. heat indexes should push 110+.


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OMG! my brother lives out there in Claremore, I know it gets hot but whew! Hope you have nice shade for the plumies. (and A/C for you)

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Yeah that is a broiler...even by Texas standards. If acclimated, your more mature plants will be fine. Morning to mid-afternoon sun and more watering. I have said it before but I have not found a way to overwater in that kind of heat. (Not saying that someone couldn't)

I have my youngsters in afternoon shade from an oak tree and mature plumerias.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Kathy the AC will be working overtime for sure.

K I know you Texans get it pretty bad also. At this rate we may be zone 9 before you know it. Actually if I had my choice we would be, :). all my smaller ones got moved to below a shade cloth for now. They would just burn up if left out. My larger ones that are plunged seem to soak it up pretty good.


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Kathy, your plants will arrive stressed no matter the temperature, from being bare-rooted and shipped. They're very resilient when rooted so don't worry about it.

Just put a bucket of water--preferably rain water--out in the sun to warm up, put a few drops of Superthrive or B-1 in it, and when the plants arrive, just set them in the bucket and put the bucket in shade. That should help them draw in some moisture before you pot them up a couple hours later.

I've actually been transplanting a few pot-bound ones in this heat (just because I like to tempt the plumeria gods into smiting me) and all mine have taken it without so much as a drooping leaf. Good luck and let us know how they look!

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depends where you are in Texas, El Paso that is a cool front for this time of year, Houston, a little above normal. The island? We would really be whining.

I put everything in a tub of water to soak when I bring it home.

We`ve had so much rain I have been planting stuff in the ground along with transplanting things.

Stay cool ya`ll!
Tally HO!

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Kathy, I ordered a rooted Hula Girl from BBB almost 2 weeks ago an it arrived with wrinkles from the heat/stress. But now the wrinkles aren't very noticeable at all and they're getting smaller by the day. Just wanted to share my experience and two cents. ;)

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