Dioon edule 'Palma Sola'

alabamatreehugger(8)November 24, 2009

Any posters here grow these? I just ordered three of them to plant around the base of a longleaf pine tree, I'm hoping they will grow well here. Sago palms are so common around here and I thought this would be something different (most people may not even notice the difference, but I will know :) ).

I was originally thinking of trying Zamia pumila (Coontie) but decided on these (I may still get the Zamia's and put them somewhere else).

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yes I have had one for about 2 years, the "mexican cycad" or "virgin cycad" they are slow growers but very hardy down to mabybe 10-5* once they are big which is years of growing they will look beautiful. heres a pic of mine.

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tropicpalms, do you keep yours in full sun or partial shade?

The pine is only about 6" diameter, so I'm hoping the cycad's will fill in nicely around the base as it gets older.

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it will def. live in full sun but starts to get a little bleached or fades 'cuz of too much sun if you want it bright green have in a partial shade area that has a little more sun than shade. if they will be out all winter you may want to lightly mulch around the base and maybe root growth, not fertilizer. so the roots can get established and strong. this is a beautiful cycad...

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ive got a little one growing! i got a free seed when i bought some blue med's seeds. one leaf shot up this year that was it. do u no how many leafs a year they can grow Tropicpalms?

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it really depends on where you live ... like the season how long it is warm. but mine grew the 3 in the middle this year. Thats very good you grew yours from a seed. they are slow growers like i was saying.

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Dioon edule? It looks more like a D. spinulosum to me!

Kevin : )

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Jack Reynolds(9)

Quite right tugbrethil, it is D. spinulosum. It is native to Oaxaca, Mexico. Lives in rainforest usually under forest canopy although in a few hundred years they may reach a height of 50 ft.(look out!!!). According to Whitelock they will tolerate frost. Jack

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Yeah, the ones I received are a darker green without the prickles, similar to Sago. They were small enough to where I could pot them up in plastic cups temporarily. Should I leave these in my unheated garage over the winter, or should I bring them inside? I don't want to mess up their natural dormant cycle (if cycads have one).

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sorry i did more research and your right... i ordered the dioon edule but that is what they sent me. the dioon edule - mexican cycad/ virgin palm is more cold hardy. thanks for the correction.

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I am growing several Dioon edule, var palma solas. By the way, the image on this page is not a palma sola, it is a Dioon spinulosum. The palma sola does fine in direct sunlight, even here in Phoenix, Arizona (The spinulosum needs shade here). Anyway, I think the palma solas are great. Here is a link to a post that I did on mine at my blog "Brad's Tropical Paradise".

Here is a link that might be useful: Brad's Tropical Paradise

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I have one.

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