what to do to improve the flowing of borganvilla

jake140November 16, 2013

hi i have a long standing plant out side east faceing i have trouble getting it to flower some years it will produce go amount and then none what do you think i should do to make it flower thanks michael

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i have seen them in full blistering tropical sun in the Caribbean ...

talk to us about how its east facing impacts full sun ...

excessive green growth... with sacrificing of flower.. is also a sign of hyper-fertilization ... again.. in the Carib.. they are grown in beach sand ... is your soil highly amended.. which is another form of over-fertilizing ... and are you fert'ing it????

you havent given us many facts to go on ...


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i have fertilizied a few times but not much it gets water most days we live in sydney ,should i cut it all back i could not tell you type of soil we have but i grow azealeas with it and they do fine michael

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Like all plants Bougainvillea needs good soil and proper siting.
What is the soils pH where this is planted?
What are the available nutrients where this plant is growing?
Is there too much Nitrogen in the soil?
Is there not enough Nitrogen in the soil?

Have a good soil test done and go from there.

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jake140, this plant appears to thrive on neglect!
The regular watering might a factor. Perhaps you can facilitate drainage of the root ball by gradually "trenching" around it and piling the soil in thin layers around the stem(s).
The timing of any pruning activity is very important because the colored bracts are borne on the current growth.
I would not apply any fertilizer unless the leaves show a need.
Stressing a plant can induce "flowering/fruiting".

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A few growers may think Bougainvilleas thrive on neglect because they grow so prolifically in the wild. However, most of the information I find says differently, as this web site indicates.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Bougainvilleas

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Agree with most of what is written. Commercial fertilizer, esp. those containing a lot of nitrogen should be avoided. Unless your soil is already very alkaline, try some pure potassium fertilizer (wood ash). Do you like barbecue? Good luck.

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