Is This A Problem? Could it be Stress?

GrowSis(9B Inland Empire,CA)November 19, 2012

This is my Red Lion Amaryllis just before I put it into dormancy. In a few days I will be ending dormancy and re-potting to a bigger pot. I wondered if I will need to treat the plant with anything or just re-pot and hope for the best. It grew new leaves just at summer's end which were not affected. The ashen area near the leaf center is just dirt. I'm concerned about the discolorations. Also I did notice tiny black dots on the leaves. Not big enough to tell if they moved or not but after staring a while I think one did. She is two years old and a gift from a friend.

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That looks to me like a mild case of leaf scorch and is not a big problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: About Leaf scorch

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

those leaves are old.. and simply .... look tired ... like mine does this time of year ... indoors in MI ... i attribute it to the declination of the sun.. and the furnace coming on [lack of humidity] ... etc

the only stress is yours ...

do not 'try' to help it too much [aka love it to death] ... other than to do what you have been doing.. and perhaps a shot of fertilizer.. when bloom time nears ... meaning a month ahead or so ...


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GrowSis(9B Inland Empire,CA)

Happy Thanksgiving,

Today is potting up day. Whew, Ken, that is a big relief. I was worried it was a virus of some kind.


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