Coldest night so far...

us_marineNovember 11, 2012

Well last night we finally dropped below 40f. Did see some small patches of frost in the coldest micro-climates. Winter is on its way but should still be a while before our first frost.

I hope this winter isn't too cold. Maybe my coconut will make it inside the unheated green house? lol It does get pretty warm in there when the sun is out :p This palm does have some fight in it, I'll give it that. It could have jsut gave up and died, although it can still do so. Right now it really ain't in the best condition to take on winter. Whats still alive of the old damaged fronds and the new smaller ones only equal to maybe 2 or 2 1/2 normal sized fronds. It does has a new spear that I am hoping will finally recover and return to normal size. I have no idea why they keep getting smaller. I did transplant before summer so it had very warm temps for a long time. And then I fertilized later after I seen the spear resume growth. So I doubt it should be a deficiency... And until cooler weather came, I was watering when the soil became dry or when it was gonna be very hot.

- US_Marine

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If you want it to live..keep it on a terrarium heating pad. Cold roots gets them everytime. I bet the Newport beach Coco soil is warmer then average in winter. Dry and sandy and moderate winter lows. It sure ain't the 66- 68f winter days.

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