Plumeria flower!!

drich30099July 18, 2012

Hi all, my Plumeria just bloomed for the first time!! But, I've had 4 flowers open so far and they seem to only last a day and then drop, if that long. Maybe this is normal, i don't know, but I'm sad, but also excited about it flowering!! Please advise, it is in a pot and I'm starting to water every day since it's so darn hot here. Had mealy bugs but I seem to have them under control. I've read epsom salts, should I do that now? And how much for about a 12" pot that is about 2ft tall.

thanks so much, i'm hoping to acquire more of these beauties!

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jperilloux(8b LA)

Epsom salts is for greener leaves. I use one TBSP in a gallon of water, along with one TBSP of bloom booster once a week.
I believe watering daily is too often. That may be causing your flower drop.

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Congratulations on the blooms. Michigan isn't famous for its Plumerias. Just like JP said it could be too much water which is dependent on your soil mix. Could also be the variety or other weather conditions or even insects.

The best thing is to concentrate on making the plant as healthy as you can and then the rest will fall into place.

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Way to go, debrichard from Michigan! K's right, it's much easier down South.

Epsom salts provide magnesium and sulfur, but if you don't have any evidence of deficiency in those minerals then I wouldn't blast the tree with it. Better to get yourself a broad-spectrum fertilizer like Dyna-Gro that supplies all macro- and micronutrients. Also, Dyna-Gro Pro-teKt will help to strengthen your tree's ability to withstand heat.

The quick flower-drop may or may not be indicative of a problem. It may be time to root-prune your tree (although since it's already blooming I would wait for now). On the other hand, some blooms are more delicate and do not last for more than a day or so. If the blooms themselves have a delicate texture, this may be the case.

Just a few thoughts. At any rate, enjoy your blooms!


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How exciting!
I agree on the watering, I treat mine more like cactus really. Heat is our norm, 104 heat index at 0630 this morning.
I have however, experienced plants blooming for the first time and the flowers seeming to last hardly a day, not just plumeria but several others. Kind of like chickens when they first start laying eggs, it just takes awhile for them to get it right.
Congratulations again on your blooms.
Tally HO!

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Thanks everyone, i love this forum! here is a picture of my plumeria leaf that doesn't look too good. Overall the plant is healthy, i believe, but def. has an insect problem. Should I spray with soapy water again or something else? I've had great luck with this cutting I bought in Fla at a flea market for $10. Kept it in my neighbors plant room over the winter, it did real well. The winter before in my somewhat heated garage and it did well there too.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi debrichard!!

Wanted to post earlier and say Congratulations on you bloomin Plumeria.. sorry im late!!

Some trees will hold blooms longer that others, so i wouldnt be to concerned about them dropping. My ETLD is dropping fast because of all of the rain.. Its great that we have the rain, but the blooms fall.. : (

If you do decide to spray, make sure you keep it out of the sun for a few days after you spray.. I would just watch and see if it gets more spots then spray.. For now let it enjoy your sunshine and maybe those old leaves will be replaced by newer fresh leaves.. It looks good to me tho! Have you checked for spider mites?

Great growing in Michigan!!

Im sure you are proud of this baby!!

Welcome to the Plumie side.. i have seen you over at the other forums.. just wanted to say hi!!

Take care,


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