Can't get my plumeria to root

debbie1000July 14, 2014

I have several plumerias that are doing fine but one that just won't root.

I'm in Florida and it has a couple of leaves about an inch long and that is all. I went to move the pot (it is in about a 6" pot) and it fell out--no roots to hold it in.

Should I cut off the bottom-could it be that there is nothing "live" for the roots to grow from?

Or should I let the cutting dry out in the air only and out of the pot?

It is in the 90's here. I had potted it with just heat, no water--just like the others that are doing fine. But then I watered it like the others but now it is protected from the daily showers.

Not sure which way to go to try to push this one along.


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tamela_star(Zone 7)

I've noticed some take longer than others to root. I received cuttings from Laura, and I have all but one that have sprouted leaves. I just have the one inside and I mist it from time to time. Don't give up hope yet. It will come along in its own time

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