Bell pepper - is this blossom end rot? (pic)

fujiapple(z9 Bay Area, Dublin, CA)June 24, 2006

This is my first time growing peppers, so I am a total newbie. I'm growing Thai Dragon, Jalapeno and Yellow Bell pepper, all in containers. And all with many peppers on them.

This morning I went out and found about 3 of my yellow bell peppers rotting. Here's a photo:

Can anyone confirm if this is blossom end rot? Or something else?

Assuming it is BER, I think maybe I have not been watering consistently... sometimes not enough sometimes too often. This is due to my inexperience with peppers, I'm just unsure of how much water they need. I guess I should have looked that up long ago, huh?

I live in California, 45 minutes east of San Francisco where we get hot dry summers. This week we've had several 103+ days as we're in the middle of a strong heat wave. I've been watering more this week to compensate for the heat because I'm worried about my plants.

I do have a water meter... can anyone tell me how dry I should let my peppers get before I water? Do I keep them moist, or let them dry out before deep watering (like tomatoes)?

And if the waternig is not the cause of this... I've seen nitrogen deficiency mentinoed for BER. Is there a brand/type of fertilizer anyone can recommend? I have not fed these plants yet (they were planted in potting soil with some fertilizer mixed in).

And my last question - there still several healthy looking peppers on this plant, of various sizes, plus more blossoms. Will this problem overtake the rest of the plant or is there a chance I will still be able to harvest some healthy bell peppers this year?


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ssj4(z7 MD)

looks like it to me, it got a couple of my bells, and alot of my poblanos last year.

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byron(4a/5b NH)

Nitrogen EXCESS is a cause of BER
Magnesium EXCESS is a cause of BER

Lack of even watering is a #1 cause of BER

Growing in pots, lack of calcium is a cause of BER


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That does not look like blossom end rot to me in any way shape or form.
BER is more black, smooth, and very symetrical around the very end of the fruit (where the blossom was). The pictures you have provided is not blossom end rot. I wonder if the peppers were touching the ground? or what humitidy was like? It apears to be rot but not typical "BER".

Relooked at photos, no way BER, it would have started at the very end where the blossom was attached. I do not know what you have but it is not BER.

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Glad this thread is back. When first posted I looked at the pic and was not sure if BER or not. The coloration of the rotten part is not like I usually see. Here is a pic of BER on a bell:

I don't often grow bells. Here is BER on a Cubanelle:

Personally, I don't believe that BER has to be on the very tip of the fruit, but it does seem to be usually near the blossom end. Since the plants always outgrow BER problems I really don't worry about it.

Good luck & hopefully others will chime in too.


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byron(4a/5b NH)

? were these peppers sitting on the ground.

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fujiapple(z9 Bay Area, Dublin, CA)

No, none of the peppers were sitting anywhere near the ground... they were hanging well above.

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nanelle_gw(9/Sunset 14)

I agree that BER on peppers doesn't have to be on the end. I've seen my share of it, and that seems sore of moist and puffy compared to the thinner, papery appearance I'm used to. It looks more like some other kind of rot to me, maybe a mold, in that picture in the bottom left hand corner.I'd remove affected fruit but wouldn't assume the rest of the plant will get it.

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i know it has been a few years since this thread was active but i am having the same problem. my peppers look like the first photo. what was the outcome?

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my bells are doing the same and have been for years. i have talked to a few growers and i was told not enough water (which i know is not the case for my bells), root rot, lack of calcium. i was told to put my egg shells in my garden from now on. but for now to add calcium chloride by one grower, and bone meal and water in by another.

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