Weird frangipani problem!

vlankaDecember 13, 2007

Hello! I have a frangipani that is planted in the ground and is about three years old. I have noticed just recently that the bark on the stems is splitting open and there are roots growing out of the splits. They aren't long roots but they look like clusters of maggots and it is quite freaky and weird. Does ANYONE know what is going on?! I live in Sydney, Australia. Cheers!

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vlanka, your observation has been dealt with on the Plumeria forum.

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I live in Sydney Australia. I have been renting my current home for 5.5 years - not sure how old the tree is but it's obviously at least 8 years old. My frangipani tree is also exhibiting the same weird roots emerging from the branches (not anywhere near the ground!!).

Is it worthwhile cutting off the branch with the roots and replanting? I suspect the soil around the tree is probably not quite sandy enough. Suggestions welcome and appreciated.

Don't know how to upload a photo - sorry!

With thanks in advance.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)


Most likely adventitious roots -- in other words, roots sprouting in an unusual place. Fairly common in tomatoes. Triggered by stress, or high humidity, or for unknown reasons.

FYI: Next time, start a new thread with your question. That way you can have the answers sent directly to you. In this instance, the original person (back in Dec 2007) will receive this reply.

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