Local Cheap Cereal/Grain Seed in Oklahoma

chickencoupeDecember 20, 2013

I'm confused. I called Stillwater Milling where I can purchase rye, wheat, expensive alfalfa seed.

I also need buckwheat, oat and vetch. And I'd prefer they all be heirloom quality .. non GMO non hybrid... the usual .. yada yada

I remember about a year ago ending up speaking with someone with Oklahoma Coop.. Ag coop, I think? No. Farmer's coop, that's what it was. I recall not having the money to join.

Am I better off ordering online?

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Bon, here we don't have to join the Coop, but you can't always buy seed in small batches. I think it is harder to find small amounts of seeds because of loosing part of the bag because of too few buyers. I have some of last years wheat seed I will send you just for the cost of shipping, but I would suggest you find seeds locally. I have not been able to lift the 50# bag off the shelf for a long time. If you want some I will have my son come over an lift the bag, the rest will be fed to the cows, birds or chickens.


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Thanks Larry. I'm good for wheat. You know.. I just ended up buying Bob's Organic Wheat Berries for wheat grass off the grocer shelf. They had both soft and hard varieties. Probably not the sturdiest to grow to maturity. I have trial plot growing now. kinda fun!

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Bon, How much seed are you needing?

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I've been staring at this screen for ten minutes. I'm not sure.

I need to figure that out. I had planned on winging it.. seeing how much get out of their growth. Like the alfalfa, and capture the seed as I go along. The vetch is a must-have as overwintering fodder for 3 bunnies. I just don't know how much they'll need, actually. The rest is bonus for hay, manure and cover crops. You know, just see kinda what works for me and my dirt.

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Bon, If you will send me an email after Christmas, I will see what I can do to help. I know I have wheat, white wheat, rye, and maybe more. I can't guarantee the source, but it is all human food quality. Will that work?

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Sure :) You and yours have a great Christmas!

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I found a site online that sells bulk seeds including some other grains I was needing. I think I'm good with wheat, for now. I've been on the hunt for vetch, amaranth, ground cherry, daikon radishes and seven top turnip.

This place has all of them in larger quantities at cheap prices and, I think, a single shipping charge. Since I'm using for coverage and forage, this will work well. I'm not certain, yet, of genetics. I notice many are heirloom, some things are ornamental.

I'm getting catalog fatigued. I hope this gets easier.


"Hazzard's Seeds"

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