After the fog,spring warmth and winter(Washy) covers

jimhardyNovember 22, 2012

After 36 hrs of fog,the skies cleared...

yesterdays high was 68F/low 46F and 63F today.

More winter like tomorrow 40F/22F.

Put up the Washy today-

One Princeps in the cactus cover the other in front.

I also planted my Martianus :P

Before you go thinking I am ruthless,the leaves

on it seem to get eaten by WSM..... before I can catch them,the damage is done.

I hope they are still on it(devious)

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we had the same wonderful temps here today as well I took the covers off the needle and banana for awhile both days. Is there anything inbetween the frowns and the bubble wrap on the washy? I usually put some straw inbetween on mine just to give it an extra layer but if its not needed that would be better for me.

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Great pics! Your palms look really nice! I hope that they do as good as always this winter. Today was a really nice day here, a little bit above average and sunny. Next week looks really cold and temperatures are well below average so I may be getting my palms ready for winter soon too!
Thanks for sharing!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanks Alex As long as the power stays on they should look better than ever next year(-:


Any flat leaf surface that come in contact with the plastic
will usually get moldy looking/discolored if it touches it to long....just have to
see how the leaves like being tied up like that-certainly easier to do when it is warm out-

I did spray the palms with a fungicide in the morning,so we'll see if that helps.

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Jim, what happened to your other big Washy?

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alright let me know how it turns out. mine have mulch at the base a feed sack/tarp type material wrapping them then straw covering that then another sack then another sack. there in protected areas so moisture really isn't a problem and the fronds don't touch anything but straw. Does that cactus cover stay open on both ends or get closed up later in the year?

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When I planted the other Washy,it was too high up.
It was also close to a leaky gutter...anyway,the trunk
froze under the roots and it basically died from the inside out.

It was never exposed to any cold temps inside the enclosure
but it did see 18F last fall outside.


The cactus cover is first a rain cover,then I cover one end
and have it set up to cover both-as soon as temps 15F or
lower are forecast,I will add a layer of inch bubble wrap
and then anther layer of plastic-there is also a fan and 1500wt heater.

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