leyland cypress dying best course of action

nappahdog(7)December 5, 2012

we have 22 leylands around our fence line, most of which are looking healthy. a group of 4 have been dying from the tops down we have been removing the dead material and they are now more of a large shrub. anyway another next to these four has started dying from the top down. it is hard to tell if we are over or under watering , we have clay soil.

Is there anything we can do to prevent any future problems with the remaining healthy trees?

how often should we water? I feel along with the diseases they have they may have been over or under watered.

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nappahdog, I have no idea but This might help you.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if you were to post this in the conifer forum.. you will learn all about the downsides of this conifer ... though you area already learning the prime one ...

because of your spacing ... which i am very impressed with.. i would find many other things .. and plant in between ...

this is a prime example of the failure of a monoculture ... if one starts going.. you MIGHT lose them all.. eventually ....

so start filling in.. so that in the years to come.. they have a chance to gain size.. should these ever need to be removed ... and dont limit yourself to conifers.. there are all kinds of shrubs.. that can be used ....

meanwhile.. what he said about trying to cure the disease which decimates this plant..

i wish you luck


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