Some pics of cold 'damage' after 23f officially,possibly 25f

jimhardyNovember 5, 2010

A few pics of the cold effects after 25f at my house,(-5c)23f officially.

The ferns are covered,the x-mas lights are on for the Cooperi,styrofoam covers for the other smaller ones.

Washys got a sheet,everything else is on it's own.

Washy leaves,still below freezing-this is most likely Robusta,the other one(most likely Filifera)had no discoloration.

After temps went back to/above freezing

Dark mark(no relation to Harry Potter) is a shadow-no damage

Fortunei and Waggie

Tetrapanex leaf

After thaw-looking a little better

Aloe Vera before -5c(23f)

After thaw

S.Louisiana-there was some discoloration,not picked up by the camera-

Banana plant

I will post some more tomorrow,tonight will probably be the same or colder.

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Very chilly temps! Im glad that everything made it out so well. Im especially surprised with the Aloe Vera! If they make pups then I might consider putting mine in the ground next spring! The ice on the banana makes for a pretty cool pic! They seem to not mind being frozen since they are still perfectly green!

Thanks for sharing! Hopefully this winter will be a short one, but we still have OVER 1 month left before winter even starts!!
Good luck!

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Its much colder where you are, near me we had some frost on in some areas but the coldest 1 recorded was 31.8 and the only thing that was damaged was my potted corn palm (dracenea) outside. After a serious freeze i will post pictures of the plants in the spring, right before the freeze, and right after the freeze.

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Hi, Dennis. Sorry to hear about the damage on your Dracaena. There was a light frost on the top of houses, but no damage to the plants yet. Most of my tender plants are in, but I still have 10 or so left that Im still looking for the right place for inside and another 10 or so that are more cold tolerant and will be outside for a while longer. It looks like a really hard freeze isnt going to hit for a while, but the weather is so unpredictable this time of the year that you can never really know for sure. However, it looks like a nice week for everyone in the eastern half of the country this coming week with temperatures in the high 50s and 60s here.
Jim, You might even get up to the upper 60s (maybe 70!) with this warm-up. I wonder if the plants will try to start growing again?

Good luck!

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Perfect weather for hardening off palms,dry/sunny with alternating but not extreme cool/cold nights and cool/mild sunny days!

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