I think my plants have a problem!

tashi2013December 12, 2013

All my houseplants are looking sick, the leaves are wilting and the growth is stunted, I have repotted them all, I was told that I am over watering so I stopped that but nothing is improving there condition, please help!

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Another photo

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And another one

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you should probably venture over to the houseplant forum.. and bone up on how to deal with such ...

BTW .. welcome to GW ....

i am sure.. no one told you to STOP watering ... perhaps they suggested you water properly.. which includes near drying in between waterings.. but never to stop ...

and.. that media looks bone dry.. you moistened it before repotting.. didnt you ???

when did this all go down .... transplant shock is a possibility ....

how did you repot.... just jam in the old media.. and stuff new stuff around??? .... any root work??? ... meaning severe stresses ...

some of the pix.. indicate middle of the room placement ... that is usually not enough light for many things ...

it would also help.. to know where you are .... is furnace heat an issue???? ... lack of humidity indoors in winter an issue????


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What Ken said, above. I also recommend the Houseplant forum. That being said, remember that transplanting is a shock for the plants. Also understand that what happens with overwatering is that the roots rot and die, which means they cannot take up water to send to the stems and leaves. If there was root damage, either through decay or repotting, they may be able to recover but could take a little while to catch up to the plant's needs. Show your plants some extra TLC while they're recuperating. That doesn't mean an overabundance of water, though :-) ... although that potting medium does look awfully dry. I expect the folks on the houseplant forum will have some very good advice for you (I'm more of an outdoor perennial person, myself, with only a few houseplants these days.) Be patient and good luck!

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