loveplummies(9)July 31, 2011

I am a newbie and I live south of Tampa zone 9. I have read about not fertilizing after September because of the approaching change of seasons. Since it is mostly sunny and warm temperatures most of the winter (except for brief periods in the winter) would these fertilizing rules apply to this area as well?

Also, I know this is a silly question but I really am new to this. To encourage my Plumeria to grow more short and bushy with lots of flowers how do I do the pruning? I do not understand where and how I am supposed to trim my plummie!

Thank you in advance for any information.


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I have found the answers to my questions from a number of sources. Thanks to all who took the time to read my post.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Loveplummies,

You sure did get your answers quick!!! LOL all on the same day!! Way to go!! You must have been doing alot of reading and searching on line.

I do stop fertilizing around the end of September, only because i have to get them prepared for the winter. So after Sept. i dont encourage any more growth. I want them to settle down to get them ready for the pruning that comes annually. I give them the trim of the leaves in Late Oct. or sometime in Nov. depending on the weather. Then they go into my house bare naked and rest for the winter. You are lucky that you can keep them active all year.

Hope this helps!!!

If you still have questions, please dont hesitate to ask here on this forum...sometimes it takes awhile to get a response.

Like me, i work all different hours, and many here do asa well.

So we all get here and check in at different times.

I dont want you to think that we are not reading your post, because we are!!!

Lots of great people here and many wonderful experts around the country to cheer you on!!

If you are new here to this forum, welcome!!!

Hope to see u post some more!!

Good Luck on your Plumie, and i hope you will post some pics for us to see!!

We really like to see everyones pics!!!

Gives us more fuel for the fire!!! LOL...

Take care, and again...Welcome!!!

Laura in VB

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Thank you so much for your reply to my questions! My neighbor left 4 cuttings on my porch from a tree at his 2nd home on the beach around the middle of May this year.
I had no idea what they were and he wasn't much help either! Now I have become hopelessly attached to these wonderful plants. I had found some basic information on the Internet and I was able to successfully root everyone of them in individual pots. About a month ago I planted these together in my front yard and now they are doing grea

After finding this forum I now realize that I wasn't even close in properly caring for these plumies of mine so fearing the end of the growing season i am becoming concerned and that is the reason for my original post.

You answered the most important question for me in regards to the feeding so I will start tapering off in about a month. My plumies are a nice dark green and have some great looking leaves but haven't gotten any taller or had any blossoms yet. I have ordered from Maui Plumeria Gardens a Jeanie Moregna and a species called India and am looking forward to receiving them. Hopefully I can now give them the care that they deserve. Sorry for the long post and the moment that my plants start showing something I will post some pictures then maybe someone can tell me what I have!

Thanks, Miguel

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Miguel,

I want to clarify that i stop feeding mine only because i bring them inside to go dormant. This is why i stop the feeding in September.

Hopefully someone down in tampa or around that area wwill chime in and help you. Some of the zone 9 PLumie people out in CA keep them growing all year long outside. I believe you can do this as well. If you do have a freeze that may effect you, then some use the Frostcloth and cover them. So you did plant them inthe ground? Then if you did, then i would enjoy them all year long. Dont get confused with some of the things that we have to do to store ours for the winter. OK?

They will naturally go into a dormant cycle anyway. So you will not have to "force" them like i/We do up north of you all.

I hope this makes sense.

If i were you, i would keep the ones outside like you have them. Maybe pot the others that are coming and keep them outside until it gets close to a frost. ( IN COntainers) Make sure you use a great fast draining mix as well!!!

I bring them in when the temp get close to 45 degrees... if they were outside here up in VB. They wouldnt make it.

So, i hope you understand that all of us that live in different areas have our own methods to keep these babies healthy. You sound like you have been learning quite fast.

Good for you!!! Its a great hobby, and you will see blooms next year! Especially being down in sunny FLA and a zone 9!!!!

Keep up the good work...You will love the Jeannie Moragne!!!She is a real beauty!!!!

Take care,

Laura in VB

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Thanks for following up on your post. I did plant the first ones because I did not know that I could keep them in a container. We do get frost but not that often so protecting them will not be that difficult. The frost cloth is a good idea thanks!

I will keep my new ones in a container, and you are right in that they will be easy to bring inside this winter. The fertilizer issue is certainly a confusing one for me. I am wondering if there is something that I can look for in the plant itself that would tell me when the time to stop the fertilization has arrived?

Thanks again, and I am really looking forward to begin working with my new ones!


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