Help!!! Moles!!!

loganladyDecember 26, 2013

It seems that the freezing temps have made my mole/moles go nuts in the front garden. Is there anything that works on moving these pests out? They have stayed in one garden bed for years but just began really moving around-driving me nuts! We have tried smoked the tunnels...drowned the holes with water. Now I go outside and stomp on the dirt (filing in any holes they leave open). I'd appreciate any ideas? I don't want to kill them.


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I live in the Netherlands and we used burried beer (in an angle) bottles (open)
THe wind produces a flute sound they dont like.
Cheap and you wont kill them but give them a headache :D

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More than likely you have just one mole, not moles, since a mole needs about 1/4 acre of territory to survive. Keep in mind that moles have survived for eons by learning to build their tunnels to quickly move flood water out so they do not drown. Had they not learned that we would not have moles today. Most all the other methods people use are no more effective then blowing in the wind.
The most effective method of mole control is to eliminate their food source, but that means poisoning you soil to eliminate the earthworms and everything else that makes for a healthy ecosystem.
There is evidence that applying 1 pint of castor oil, mixed in 1 quart of water, sprayed over 2,500 square feet can repel moles. This is effective for about 6 weeks although once the mole is driven out spraying the borders seems to be about as effective. The commercial castor oil sprays I have seen do not have enough castor oil in them and suggest spraying over too large an area.

Here is a link that might be useful: mole control

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the trap at the link works great ...

it took me about a week to learn how and where to set it ... and then.. i started picking them off.. one by one ...

my biggest problem was my sand .... i learned i need grass at the surface to work

nothing else ever worked ...


ps: got mine at tractor supply ...

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Ken, beca said she did not want to kill the moles.
I know several people that use those kill traps and have for many years and they all tell me they have trapped and killed over 40 moles every year for the last XX years which tells me those traps are not very effective at eliminating the moles.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

jeez.. read everything but the last 6 words... lol ...

well.. good info for those who do want to.. or will ...

beca can either move.. or agree to share her space ... you are not going to have a logical conversation with a rodent.. and convince them to migrate to a new territory ...

though of course... populations ebb and flow over the decades ...

if she does treat her lawn for grubs [unless she is adverse to killing those also] ... and treat the beds for the same.. she will seriously affect the food population... and perhaps the vermin will move next door ...

good luck


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Thanks! You guys are great!! I live in west central Arizona (between Phoenix and Flagstaff)...I don't have any grass in my yard. Mainly have decomposed granite, gravel, some planters. I doubt those traps would work :(

I learned awhile ago to share my space (lol...I have many *!* conversations with all of my rodents, etc)....

I am trying the castor oil mixed with other stuff into the holes...we'll see who wins?

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