Sago Palm growing

Mirch86(6)November 5, 2012

I have a Sago Palm that has not been showing any signs of activity all summer long. I kept inside on a window sill that get morning and afternoon sun, and also i had a screen on the bottom part of the window, so I guess it got plenty of fresh air. For the past couple of days, the leaves have started to lower themselves and got a greenish-yellowish hew. Does this mean it's preparing to sprout new fronds? Or is something wrong with it?

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Means those fronds are dying. Keep an eye on your watering, either too much or too little.

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It could be getting ready to jettison those fronds for a new flush, but over wet conditions is also a possibility. Had that happen with mine (in the ground) where part of the year it gets too much seepage. The old fronds all slowly yellowed but were replaced with a new flush. It would be far better off if I moved it to a better drained site with less risk of it rotting.

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