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t-bob(west wa)June 29, 2012

ok, i might sound like a total amateur here, but sometimes you have to bite your tongue and sound a bit stupid

Ok, here it is...last year i had a fatali that didn't want to grow....kind of just sat there and only got about a foot tall. I'm not really a chinense grower, but had decided to give it a try to overwinter since last year it had but one--one centimeter pod---no taste/heat once i brought it in in October (?). So regardless of aphid gang rape during the winter, it has survived. Now it sort of looks like a truffala tree (see dr seuss the Lorax) and has tightly compacted groups of leaves(is this typical) that are now have tiny unopened flower buds. how long from blossom to ripe pods for fatali? the flower buds seem smaller than my chilitepein flower buds---does this seem right, or do i just have a stunted plant or some sort of miniature? I will do my best to get a camera over here to get a photo to better illustrate....my camera pooped the bed--ok, thanks for your patience and any input/help you may have for me----bob

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I do know what you mean, I have had a few peppers that sprouted maybe two sets of true leaves then stop while the others of the same or different varieties keep on growing. After all the ones planted get to their 5th and 6th set of true leaves I terminate the runts. I tried to wait it out but they never preformed with or with out ferts. Just bad genes or something missing in that seed is my best guess.

Good luck and post a pic when you can

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Probably from the aphids. I would expect that it would take off once the aphids were gone. I never really noticed unusually small buds on mine, so, not really sure about that. Most of the fruit I've gotten off mine is around 2.5"-3". Looking back at pics (didn't really time things) end of June I maybe had some blooms, end of July, green fruit and blooms, end of August, ripe fruit. Again, just taking random pics, not really counting days or documenting specific milestones.

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t-bob(west wa)

@ tsheets---the time frame you stated is sort of what i was looking for.....basically one set of fruit per year, and taking the majority of the summer to reach fruition---thanks dude

ok, i am going to try to remember how to post a picture directly into the post from photobucket



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t-bob(west wa)


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t-bob(west wa)


ok, so here is the poor struggling Fatali with "truffala" top (oops, tag facing wrong way---typical of me) it is the one in front

small buds

and my fancied up hoophouse.....so happy, we NEED to have peppers under cover in western Washington for most peppers to reach "true" maturity, and 2 years ago my landlord made me take one down i had made. Last year we bought land (wahoo!!!!!!) but was way to busy to build one last year. I finally got this completely completed last week when i got some ladybugs(1500) and wanted to keep them "trapped" inside....but where did most of them go anyway...i am hoping they hide well

thanks Hab and tsheets for the replys---peace out--Texas Bob

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Woah, must have misunderstood you question about pepper size of that fatali. That is a normal look for a pepper on the road to recovery, the flower buds are about normal can't even see the pedals yet, they will get bigger as the plant grows. Give it about 2-3 weeks and those won't be so tiny.

Hoophouse is looking Awesome!

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With a mature (overwintered) plant I got 2 flushes and a few scattered ones here and there but had quite a few from the second flush that didn't ripen before cold weather set in. I wouldn't be surprised if you got a second flush later in the year. Hopefully in the hoophouse you'll have time.

that poor plant!! haha! Like Hab said, it looks like its well on its way to recovery, though.

That hoophouse is awesome, BTW!

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