tiny tiny brown bug indoors

fred9x(z5ct)December 7, 2010

I'm growing mustard greens and spinach under lights in my basement. My wife found a few very small round bugs on the leaves of the mustard greens. I can't find any on the spinach but the spinach has been growing very slowly compared to last year when I didn't have the mustard greens.

What can I spray?

Thank you

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Because it's on food, and you only have a few whatevers, how about squishing instead of spraying?

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Jean, surprisingly, my wife seems to be ok with that approach.


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First determine if the very tiny brown bug is doing any harm. The simple presence of any insect means little.
Second determine if any harm this very tiny insect might be doing is too much for you to live with.
Third determine the least toxic means of control. Squishing would be one.
Fourth apply that means of control, if necessary.
Fifth return to step one.
Spraying most any pesticide on food is not something to be done lightly and spraying most pesticides indoors should never be done without a plan to have every living thing leave for some time and then properly airing the living quarters out since many pesticides are harmful to humans even if small doses.

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