Penang Peach Blooming In Virginia Beach

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaJuly 21, 2014

She is putting on a show!!!

Love this beauty...

Have a good day, everyone!!!


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Penang Peach is a classic! It's just beautiful!

Can't help it- those rainbow colors make me smile! Keep posting pictures, please!

Thanks, and have a great day, too!

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Andrew Scott

Wow Laura! What can I say....this is one of my absolute favs! Sonia sent me one of these in November a while back, and when I got it, it had a huge inflo with tons of buds!

The tree bloomed almost non stop till my birthday in April! I love the peachy fragrance. Since that first PP, I bought another and tried propagating the first tree. This is definetly one tree I will never mind having multiples of!

Awesome pic Laura! Now I hope mine will follow suit :)


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wow Laura.... wow!!!!!! Stunning!!! Put a smile on my face as well :)... can you see it? lol... love love love those colors soooo much!! One day I hope to own one of these as well... Beautiful picture Laura... thanks for sharing..


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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

You KNOW how I feel about Penang Peach!

It seems to be just a tad more difficult to root from cuttings than others, but not impossible. I got 3 out of 4 to root over winter in my basement under lights.

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Let's face it... some Plumies just have good genes! Penang Peach just may be the best overall variety.

She is stunning!


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Laura, She is beautiful. I was thinking I had one but after checking my list I see she is missing but will have to add her soon. Thanks for the great picture. Barb

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I have the one I showed you from an "un-named" in Florida....wish it looked like yours....a beauty she is! roxanne

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Laura - absolutely gorgeous! PP is a blooming machine! It belongs in everyone's collection. One of mine is gearing up for another show. I'll have to get pics tomorrow.

Love it!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Mahalo, Gidgetsocal !! Always so nice... I agree, PP is a this one!!!!

Andrew.. I agree, I have two of these beauties.. Lol. One is not enough!!! This is a must have.. The blooms are just as pretty as when I took this original pic.. I'll post one from today...

Dave.. I know you love this one!! I do too.. It's is a show stopper!!! Glad to hear about the cuttings.. Three? Lol.. To funny.. I don't blame you!! It's to beautiful.. Please post pics of yours this season. i know you have some beauties!!! Hope you and the family are doing well.. How is that little gorgeous K doing? I bet she is just glowing.....

Barb!! Lock the door.. You have to have this one!!!! ;-). You will love it!!!

Roxanne.. And a beauty yours is... All of your trees are impressive !!! Simply gorgeous!!!!

Mona.. A machine she is ! Please post pics.. We would love to see yours!!!
Thank you, as always!!!

Take care!!!


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tamela_star(Zone 7)

That is gorgeous! The cuttings you gave me are doing awesome! The taj mahal is about to open. It is such a beautiful day for plumerias. This hot and humid weather may not be everybody's cup of tea, but I live for it! Where did you get that beautiful plumeria?

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virgo1667(10 CA)

Your Penang Peach it's also Beautiful Laura!!!...Is it too much to ask if I can Buy a cutting from that Tree please? I don't have Penang Peach yet as part of my collection...Ty

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Love it. Gotta be one of the best named cultivars. Mine is still going strong too.

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Andrew Scott

Hi Virgo. Just in case you still need a Penang Peach, try Jungle Jacks Plumeria. In fact Google it and it will take you right to the website. Florida Colors Plumeria is excellent also. It isn't an expensive variety...I am really surprised it isn't but it has probably been around for a little while.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Tamelastar!!!

Im so glad to hear your cuttings are doing well!! great news!!!
I bought mine from Jungle Jacks...

Hi Virgo!! I'm sorry, but I'm not cutting this one for a while.. You can check with JJs or Matt on eBay.. I think I just saw one on his eBay site tonight...
I hope you find one.. They are easy to find, like Andrew mentioned!!,

Hi K! I agree, it is one of the best.. Love this one!!!,

Mahalo, Andrew.. Thanks for the help... :-)

Take care,


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